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Sep 04, 2007
ComfortClass 400 celebrates its international premiere
  • S 416 GT-HD/2: more luggage Capa-City thanks to rear entry
  • S 416 GT: your entry into the ComfortClass
  • New dimensions in economy and comfort
Setra also has something new to show in the ComfortClass 400, having once again expanded its vehicle range for combined touring and occasional operations with the Setra S 416 GT-HD/2 last autumn. In , Setra will be presenting this 13.02-metre-long, two-axle coach with a rear entry for the first time. This weight-opti­mised, two-axle vehicle was developed in response to varying customer require­ments, is equipped with aluminium wheels as standard and is available with different seating variants. These coaches may be specified with a large or small galley at the rear, varying the seating Capa-City between 42 and 46 seats. The S 416 GT-HD on display in is the version with the large galley.
Thanks to the omission of the third axle, coach operators have a definite advantage when travelling through countries with motorway tolls, for example and . Another advantage of the S 416 GT-HD/2 is the considerably higher luggage Capa-City of 12.6 m3. Accordingly this fully-fledged touring coach has adequate payload reserves for both touring and excursions.
S 416 GT: your entry into the ComfortClass
The second exhibit from the ComfortClass 400 is the Setra S 416 GT, which will celebrate its international debut in the outdoor area at "Busworld". By virtue of its price/performance ratio per seat, this 13.04-metre-long touring coach is the best example in the Setra range of how quality and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand. The S 416 GT will already be available with a Euro 5 engine from the third quarter of 2007. This vehicle impresses with its very good environmental performance, an increased luggage Capa-City of 7.1 m3 and a low entry, which makes it ideal for senior citizens and school classes. The S 416 GT is also perfect for club outings and excursions, as well as rental and intra-company operations. For rural-service operations, this new Setra model seats 53 passengers and has room for 14 stan­ding passengers. Owing to aluminium wheels, an improved air conditioning system and side windows of reduced thickness, this weight-optimised vehicle is a very attractive economic proposition.
New dimensions in economy and comfort
When the regulation stipulating that buses may only have a maximum length of 12 metres was rescinded, Setra responded with the development of the ComfortClass 400 presented in autumn 2003, and increased the length of all the models in this product segment by 200 mm. The S 415 GT and S 415 GT-HD measure 12.20 metres, the S 416 GT-HD available with two or three axles, as well as the S 416 GT, have a length of around 13 metres, and the S 417 GT-HD measures 14.05 metres.
This completely new length concept for combined touring and occasional operations creates noticeably more interior space than in comparable coaches.
As in the TopClass 400 touring coaches, the body framework of the ComfortClass 400 coaches is protected against corrosion by cathodic dip priming.
The cockpit is another characteristic feature of the ComfortClass 400, with the controls uncompromisingly arranged according to ergono­mic principles. In true touring coach style, the cockpit has a joystick gearshift and integral monitors. There is also space for additional bottle-holders, as well as stowage facilities for an attach√© case or maps. For rural regular-service operations, a cash register can be installed in the cockpit of the Comfort­Class 400 with very little effort.
Depending on vehicle length, operators have a choice of air conditioning systems with three performance levels. The low-maintenance air conditioning system produces less noise and achieves a weight-saving of up to 30 kilograms compared to the previous models. Right-hand-drive versions of the ComfortClass 400 are also available, and Setra is represented by the S 415 GT-HD and S 416 GT-HD in countries with left-hand traffic.
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