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Sep 04, 2007
Bus Rapid Transit: buses and much more from Mercedes-Benz
  • More reliability, safety and environmental compatibility
  • BRT experts: traffic planners, researchers and strategists
  • Product range from the minibus to the high-Capa-City vehicle
  • Advantage: the international expertise of Mercedes-Benz
The cities in question are Bangkok, Bogotà, Guadalajara, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Mexico City. They are distributed around the globe – though mainly in South America – and they all have two things in common: firstly, they have all decided to solve their transport problems with the help of BRT systems, and secondly they work together with the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit. With its team of BRT experts, the unit provides support during the planning, introduction and ongoing development of tailor-made concepts for local BRT systems. BRT systems (Bus Rapid Transit) are flexible bus transport systems which provide the answer to traffic planning challenges in fast-growing cities and megacities.
The goal: more reliability, safety and environmental compatibility
These challenges are of a similar nature in many parts of the world: large, fast-expanding cities are threatened with traffic gridlock, and also suffer from environ­mental pollution. More and more people must be able to reach their workplace quickly and conveniently, or cover long inner-city distances for shopping and recreation. This requires rapid solutions using flexible transport systems. The goal is fewer holdups and less stress for the population, but rather more reliability, improved safety, cleaner air and attractive inner-city areas.
The decisive advantage of BRT systems is that wherever roads are already available, a bus-based mobility concept can be established within a short time, and with moderate investment. BRT systems can also be adapted to suit local and regional requirements and can keep pace with constantly changing urban structures at low cost. In this respect they are very different from rail systems.
BRT experts: traffic planners, researchers and strategists
A dedicated team of BRT specialists at the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit supports municipalities and transport operators during the planning and imple­mentation phases. Its activities are purely consultative, and it works independently of vehicle sales. The group consists of specialists in transport planning, traffic researchers and strategists, and they operate all over the world.
These BRT specialists are happy to make their knowledge available to local and regional traffic planners. Their focus is not only on bus systems, as existing and new means of transport must complement each other on a local basis to produce a functioning transport network. Mercedes planners are able to draw on long experience: Mercedes-Benz was already involved in the planning and implement­tation of a BRT system in Adelaide, Australia some 25 years ago. Since then, the specialists have made their expertise available for a wide range of transport systems worldwide. In this way cities and transport operators benefit from the experience gained with existing systems when planning their own.
Wide product range from the minibus to the high-Capa-City bus
The right selection of buses is the backbone of a well-functioning BRT system. As the world market leader, Mercedes-Benz offers the widest range: whether the classic solo bus or minibus, articulated bus or high-Capa-City bus, chassis with front or rear-mounted engines for a wide variety of bus bodies – the comprehensive range has a suitable vehicle concept for both the main routes and feeder routes of a BRT system. With different entry heights, from low-floor and low-entry to high-floor vehicles. And with powertrains which are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
As part of the DaimlerChrysler group, the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit benefits from the company’s leading role in the development of alternative drive systems, as witnessed by the fuel-cell-powered buses from Mercedes-Benz or the hybrid buses built by the affiliated brands of Orion (USA) and Fuso (Japan). By the end of this year a hybrid version of the articulated Mercedes-Benz Citaro will establish yet another milestone on the way to the bus drive systems of tomorrow. This hybrid bus will be another component for attractive BRT systems around the globe.
Advantage: the international expertise of Mercedes-Benz
Over and above the vehicles themselves, the global presence of Mercedes-Benz, with bus production plants on several continents, provides a major platform for the enormous know-how of the BRT specialist team at the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit. Accordingly the brand provides a service network that is second to none and is also able to offer service agreements in most regions of the world.
This means that the customer not only obtains the vehicles from a single source, but is also able to plan his costs over the long term thanks to fixed service charges. Working together with DaimlerChrysler Finance, local Mercedes-Benz bus specia­lists are also able to produce financing proposals to suit each individual case.
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