Daimler in Sustainability Ratings
In 2013, independent rating agencies and research institutes once again evaluated and critically appraised our sustainability performance. In view of the varying quality and relevance of the large number of existing ratings and rankings, at the end of the 2012 the Sustainability Board (CSB) decided that Daimler will actively take part only in those ratings and rankings whose assessment methodology, quality, and transparency can be expected to result in a meaningful analysis. Since these conditions were not met in the Robeco-SAM survey, we did not participate in their assessment.
In view of the above criteria, we particularly would like to point out Daimler’s performance in the ratings of OEKOM Research for 2012/2013. Daimler was again rated as "Prime Investment", receiving a very good (for the automotive industry) overall rating of B- (on a scale of A+ to D-). Daimler also scored impressively in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) rankings. We received the highest rating in the categories of reporting transparency and performance.
Daimler will continue to intensify its sustainability activities in order to improve our position in the relevant ratings and rankings.
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