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What is important concerning access to the share register?
Each shareholder has the right to examine his own data in the share register. This can be done at the registered office of Daimler in Stuttgart, Germany. The share register is kept in the form of an electronic database, which is updated each day to record the purchase and sale transactions throughout the world. The following details are stored in the register of shareholders: surname, first name, address, e-mail adress (if submitted), shareholder number, number of shares, date of birth.
Where can a US or Canadian Shareholder find additional information and support regarding Daimler-Benz or Chrysler or DaimlerChrysler or Daimler stock?
Please contact your broker or the transfer agent of Daimler  in the United States:
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Re. Daimler AG
Shareholder Services Group
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
(toll free) Phone: +1 866 662-3934
The shareholder service personnel will be happy to assist you.
Can I receive company reports and interim reports?
Daimler offers you several possibilities for finding out about the company's performance. The company reports and interim reports (as well as publications for the US Stock and Exchange Commission (SEC) Form 20-F, Form 6-K, up to Q1 2010) are available on the Daimler Website in the "Investor Relations" section. You are able to read, download and/or print out the reports. Look for the "Reports & Key Figures" heading in the navigation column. There is also a free "Order Service" in the "IR Services" section. You will then receive the documents by postal mail.
You also have the possibility of subscribing to our IR Newsletter in the "IR Services" section. This will ensure that you regularly receive up-to-date information and details of new reports as these become available on our website.
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