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What's important to know about the Daimler stock?
Daimler shares (Stock Exchange abbreviation DAI, ISIN DE 000 7100000) are global shares. That means that the stock can be traded on several stock exchanges around the world. The stock is listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (Germany) and Stuttgart (Germany).
The share register will record the changes of ownership in registered shares on a daily basis. This enables Daimler to communicate directly with the registered shareholders, e.g. to call a Shareholders` Meeting. If a bank's name is entered in the share register instead of the shareholder, the bank will forward communications from the company to the shareholder.
Stock certificates issued in the past do not bear coupons. For dividend payments or rights offerings, shareholders will receive a letter or check from the company, sent to the address shown in the share register.
Does Daimler offer an ADR program in the USA?
Yes, Daimler offers an ADR program.
What are the important things to remember about the share register when buying or selling Daimler shares?
Daimler AG shares are registered shares. That means that they bear the owner's name. In the case of stock held in a collective securities account, share transfers take place by the sale and updating of the relevant portfolios. In the case of physical stock certificates, transfers are usually made by reaching an agreement, handing over the securities, and placement of a transfer declaration on the reverse of the stock certificate. Vis-à-vis the Daimler AG the transfer also has to be entered in the share register to enable the company to communicate directly with the shareholder. The banks participating in transmission or safekeeping are obliged to deliver the necessary data for the share register to Daimler AG. In this context, bank fees may not be charged to the bank customers.
How and where can I claim previous dividends?
Dividends can be claimed within a period of four years. This limitation period begins with the end of the calendar year in which the Annual Meeting has resolved about the relevant dividend and in which the dividend has become due for payment.
To claim previous dividends please contact the Coupon Center of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, at the following address:
Deutsche Bank AG
Global Transaction Banking
Issuer Services – Institutional Cash & Securities Services
Tanusanlage 12
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Phone  +49 (0) 69-910-43540
Fax +49 (0) 69-910-38794
It was the transfer agent for DaimlerChrysler and is the transfer agent and the main payment center for dividends of the company. You will also need to include your bank account details.
Can I acquire physical DAI stock certificates?
No, we do not issue Daimler share certificates.
Whom to contact after loss of share certificates?
Shareholders in Europe/Asia
Registrar Services GmbH
P.O. Box
60630 Frankfurt
Phone ++49-(0) 1805 00 18 52
Fax ++49-(0) 69 - 2222 34282
Shareholders in North America
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Re. Daimler AG
Shareholder Services Group
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
(toll free) Phone: +1 866 662-3934
Until when can I still trade my stock before the Annual Meeting?
It is possible to buy and sell Daimler stock at any time before the date of the Annual Meeting. There is no share blocking.
Even if the stockholder has already confirmed attendance at the Annual Meeting, the stockholding in the share register and in the attendance record will be corrected to take purchases and sales into account. Therefore, the already issued Admission Ticket refers to the stockholding entered in the share register on the day the Admission Ticket was issued. However, the number of shares in the share register will be relevant for the voting process at the Annual Meeting (in person or via proxy).
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