Fixed Income

As a company with global operations, Daimler uses a broad spectrum of various financial instruments offered by the international money markets and capital markets to cover its refinancing needs.

Daimler needs funding especially for its vehicle leasing and financing business. In addition to issuing short-term bonds in the money market (commercial paper), the company also issues public bonds and private placements in the capital market in various currencies with medium and long maturities.

A large proportion of our refinancing requirements is covered by issuance programs. In the money market, Daimler incidentally uses commercial paper programs primarily in Europe and the NAFTA region. Various programs exist for long-term borrowing in the capital market, such as the multi-currency multi-issuer Euro Medium Term Note Programme (EMTN). The programs have a framework amount and can be utilized by issuing individual tranches.

Daimler has short-term and long-term ratings from the rating agencies Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Service, Fitch Ratings and DBRS.

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