Assistance Systems Activated if Things Get Serious
Driving safely and detecting dangerous situations at an early stage are key requirements when it comes to preventing accidents. If the situation becomes serious, the integrated anticipatory occupant protection systems reacts in fractions of a second to prevent the worst and mitigate the consequences of accidents. The vehicles become part of the "thinking" process, with the ability to "see", "feel" and, in an emergency, even "act autonomously".
Daimler-developed systems such as ESP® and ABS, which can intervene to stabilise the vehicle if it starts to skid or needs to brake in an emergency, are already key components of modern vehicles all over the world. Our advanced safety technology can detect typical imminent danger in advance and activates protective measures.
Equivalent systems are integrated in Daimler commercial vehicles. Active Brake Assist initiates emergency braking of a bus or truck if the system detects that a collision with a vehicle in front appears to be unavoidable. Telligent systems provide stability and proximity control, while Lane Keeping Assist prevents the heavy vehicle from leaving its lane.
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