Software Developer for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Effects that used to be possible only in the development of computer games are now also in demand in globally operating companies such as Daimler. Daniel Pohlandt, who is now 29, received his master’s degree in August 2017. After attending an IT Recruiting Day, he decided to work for Daimler.

As his fingers fly across the keyboard, Pohlandt creates artificial 3D environments and AR worlds out of the blue. He began working as a software developer at Daimler this year. This activity is not only his job but also his hobby. “In a nutshell, what we mean by VR is an artificial 3D environment that is generated by a computer through VR headsets. This experience makes you feel as though you’re actually standing in the midst of this environment. The term AR stands for augmented reality. When you look through AR glasses you see an image of the real world that is overlaid with digital information, objects, and data that don’t really exist.”

At Daimler, virtual reality is used in many ways — for example in design processes, in production planning when a new plant is being built, and in vehicle development when the focus is on the vehicle interior’s user-friendliness for the driver. Augmented reality is then used in the next step, which is production. This is where employees wearing AR glasses can monitor the construction of prototypes or receive messages at the assembly line concerning the sequence of steps that must be taken to assemble a brake disk.

Pohlandt is currently spending most of his working time at Arena2036 (Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles). This is a research campus where Daimler works together with startups, universities, and business partners to research and shape the future of the automobile. “The work done at Arena2036 is really cool, and it’s completely different from all the beliefs people have about the daily grind of office workers in a big company. We’re given lots of creative freedom, we have a lot of fun, and we have many opportunities to contribute our own ideas and share them with others.”

It’s great to see how much potential there is in this project. There are lots of students who have really good startup ideas. Daimler supports them so that they can continue to develop their ideas.

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