eXtollo Our Big Data Platform

At Daimler, we use the globally available Microsoft Azure service to roll out a range of use cases in the fields of analytics and artificial intelligence around the world.

In combination with the internal "eXtollo" platform developed for this purpose, we can exploit the full potential of the methods using building blocks taken from the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Daimler uses functionalities such as "Azure HDInsight" and "DataBricks" for extensive analyses. "Azure Data Lake Store" and "Azure Data Factory" are used to store and process data.

How Daimler shops the Azure super market - With "eXtollo", Daimler is lifting the full potential of data & analytics capabilities in Azure.

"eXtollo" is more of a blueprint than a monolithic product. This means that our users are able to personalize "eXtollo" to best suit their requirements. The general security mechanisms built into "eXtollo" ensure that it is always used in compliance with the specified guidelines.

This is made possible by updating and developing the blueprint centrally in a "Center of Excellence" ("Corporate Center of Excellence Advanced Analytics & Big Data", CoE). The encryption of all stored data and the federation of access right management are just two measures for protecting Daimler's data in the best possible way and maintaining full control over the data in the cloud.

The CoE also acts as a central authority for Daimler in the fields of analytics, artificial intelligence and big data. The CoE's data scientists use the latest methods to arrive at their findings. In doing so, they help the specialist units to exploit the potential of these new technologies.
The architects of the CoE create systems and structures to allow the technologies to be used throughout the company.

eXtollo works as a blueprint to Daimler#s international customers so they can individualize their analytical needs without harming overall security principles.

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