Career and private life - For the perfect life balance.

You can achieve your goals for professional success with us. Your private one only at home. That is why we support our female employees during their pregnancy with detailed information about maternity leave and parental leave. Once the child is born, we offer parent and family leave, flexible work time models and at many locations, daycare. That way, mothers and fathers will have an easier time returning to their careers.

The advantages:

- Mothers and fathers can schedule their parental leave flexibly.

- After using up the parental leave to which they have a legal right, we allow mothers and fathers to take addition family leave if they like.

- Specific preparations are made for facilitating the reentry into their jobs—through project assignments, substitutes, and continuing education measures.

- Through our “sternchen” nurseries and “Sterntaler“, we provide childcare at 15 of our locations in Germany, as well as organizing arrangements with a variety of other daycare centers.

- Through our company agreement termed “Home Healthcare,” we support career and home care, not only for the elderly, but also for ill or disabled children.

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