Daimler celebrates diversity The Daimler Diversity Day 2017

At Daimler, we count on the diversity of our employees and make use of their manifold experiences, perspectives and skills. One day in the year is particularly all about diversity: the Daimler Diversity Day. Featuring activities around the globe, the Daimler Diversity Day 2017 was the fifth of its kind since its introduction in 2012.

Daimler is a vibrant mix of cultures, skills and lifestyles with some 289,000 employees in more than 150 countries on five continents. This diversity is deliberate and appreciated. Because different perspectives result in better ideas and more creative solutions, and not least reflect the diversity of customers, suppliers and investors.

Consciously experiencing diversity, changing perspectives and understanding how every single individual in the company can benefit from Diversity Management – these are the key goals of the annually held Daimler Diversity Day.

Activities around the globe

The Diversity Day was the fifth of its kind since its introduction in 2012. The measures and activities were as colorful as the Daimler workforce: In addition to photo campaigns, there were information fairs, which focused on showing how employees can personally benefit from the offerings of Diversity Management. Culinary treats from all over the world have by now become the standard for the Diversity Day at many locations worldwide.

The exhibition of vehicles with driving aids for people with physical disabilities in combination with the invitation to see the world from the perspective of a wheelchair user focused on the issue of inclusion. The so-called 'multiple sense experiences,' which gave people the opportunity to find out whether food tastes different when you can't see it, for example, opened up new perspectives and encouraged reflection and discussion.

In awareness of the great cultural diversity, a diversity map was created in the USA on the occasion of the Diversity Day that shows where someone's family is from and where they grew up. Many locations this year focused on dance and movement and enabled an emotional approach to the subject.

Diversity Management as part of the corporate strategy

Diversity Management has been part of the corporate strategy of Daimler since 2005. Currently, the focus is on the three areas of activity best mix, work culture and customer access. The objective: bringing together the right people to master the business challenges we face. To this end, Daimler is creating the appropriate framework conditions (for example, with offerings for childcare, help with family members in need of care, flexible working arrangements), which foster the performance, motivation and satisfaction of the employees. We also make use of our diversity to get a better understanding of our customers.

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