Approach to Diversity Management

All members of the Daimler Board of Management support our diversity statement and actively help to implement the principles enshrined within it:

  • Celebrating our differences. We respect and value the diversity of our employees. We encourage them to contribute this diversity to the company.
  • Creating connections. We benefit from the diverse experience, skills and perspectives of our employees around the world. They reflect the diversity of our customers, suppliers and investors.
  • Shaping the future. Every one of us helps to create a working environment characterized by appreciation and mutual respect. Together we are shaping the future of Daimler along these lines.

All are equal and everyone is different: Daimler makes diversity possible

At Daimler, 289,000 people from more than 150 countries represent a vibrant mix of cultures and lifestyles. In order to make the most effective use of diversity at Daimler, we focus our efforts on three different areas: Best Mix, Working Culture and Customer Access.

Best Mix

At Daimler, people are both energized and committed because they work in mixed teams. It often holds true that the greater the spread, the broader the approach. Colleagues meet on an equal footing to work together on projects, on our vehicles and on our services. It doesn't matter how old they are, where they are from or whom they love. The only thing that matters is the end result – superior vehicles and services.

Working culture

Training, a full-time job and then retirement. People's working lives used to be a lot more straightforward than they are now. Today, things are a little more complex.

Side paths branch off the main road forming a network that you can reconnect to again and again. A work-life balance is a must. At Daimler, we are convinced of this. Our work time models support you in achieving a work-life balance on a sustained basis. And Daimler also actively supports you in planning your family life as well. At many locations we offer childcare to make the return to work for mothers and fathers that bit easier. To ensure that our employees can make the most out of their life and their career, Daimler also promotes your health, for instance with opportunities to exercise, advice on nutrition and medical care.

You will find more information on achieving a work-life balance here.

Customer access

We value diversity and we make use of it. For example to better understand our customers. Because we ensure our competitive edge by developing the most diverse customer groups. Our goal: to enable people to become more mobile in a way that suits them and their lifestyle.

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