Formula Student Germany - Start on the race track. Finish line: Your career.

Combine your passion for motorsport with your skills in automotive engineering by joining Daimler at the Formula Student Germany. Daimler supports Formula Student Germany, offering students with petrol (or electricity) running through their veins unique learning opportunities and the chance to establish a professional network.

We are passionate about the engineering of tomorrow. That is why we are always looking for highly qualified engineers with team spirit and innovative ideas. For people sharing our passion. Where else would be a better place to meet them than the race track?

What we have in common with the students at Formula Student is our passion for automobiles. For several years Daimler has been sponsoring teams annually in this special racing competition, at the famous racing course Hockenheimring, Germany.

By sponsoring and mentoring, we are promoting young talents who are putting their hearts and souls – not to mention their expertise – into their race cars they are working on. And at the same time, we offer our talents exclusive insights into the various facets of the automotive industry

The Formula Student Germany is an international race car construction contest for students. Since 2006, it is held by Daimler's partner, the “Formula Student Germany e.V.“ under the patronage of the Association of German Engineers (VDI).

Students from around the world take up the challenge of designing and building a single-seater racing car and establishing a financial and sales plan next to it. All teams then compete against each other with their overall packages - construction, performance, financial and sales planning- during this international event.

Representatives of various Daimler departments act as “judges”. Next to judging the teams' work, other Daimler employees offer advice and provide information on anything from cars to careers.

At Formula Student Germany the teams compete in three static (Combustion, Electric and Driverless) and five dynamic disciplines.

Off the race track, our exhibition booth invites participants of Formula Student Germany and interested visitors to learn more about the various opportunities within Daimler.

At Daimler, we believe in the future of e-mobility.

Since 2010, the Formula Student Electric (FSE) event has been promoting the development of fully electrical vehicle prototypes as part of the Formula Student Germany competition. Specialists from various departments at Daimler are represented in the panel of judges. Additionally, Daimler confers the Best E-Drive Technology Award for the best integration and configuration of an electrical drive train in a racing car.

New to the competition is the FSD – Formula Student Driverless since 2017. In this future-oriented competition students develop a race car that can run autonomously without a driver, or with a driver in a manual mode. The vehicles must meet the technical requirements of the two existing classes of the competition, Formula Student Combustion (engine) and Formula Student Electric (electric motor).

Dear Formula Student Teams,

We hope you all had a great and successful time at the Formula Student Germany. Now, it’s time to start preparing for next season.

Every team planning to participate in the Formula Student Germany 2019 with either a combustion, driverless or electric vehicle has the possibility to qualify for a Daimler team sponsoring.

To apply for a Daimler sponsorship, please fulfill the following tasks:

1. Upload a 90 seconds video in which you have the possibility to visually present your project, and convince us that you should be sponsored by Daimler. Get creative – surprise us!

2. Please answer the following questions on one page, font size 11:

  • Please describe your team structure and philosophy. How do you make sure that the project organization ensures the success of the Formula Student project?
  • What are your ‘lessons learned’ from the season 2018, especially from your results in Hockenheim, and how did/do you ensure their implementation for the current/next season?
  • With respect to a potential Daimler sponsoring, what would you expect from the cooperation with a mentor? How could a mentor help your team during the season to achieve the set goals?

3. On one page, font size 11, please describe the concept of your 2018th vehicle and point out three technical highlights. Furthermore, give us an idea about the weaknesses of your current vehicle, and which aspects you would like to focus on when developing and designing your vehicle for the season 2019.

The application period will start on Monday, September 3rd. A sponsorship lasts for 2 years.

Please send both PDF documents (either in German or English language) until September 6th 11:59pm CET to As soon as they are looked through, you will receive an upload link which you can use to upload your video (max. 5 GB). All data will be deleted automatically after 28 days.

Questions around the Sponsorship application process can be addressed to:

We’re excited to view your applications and wish you the best of luck!

Your Daimler-Crew

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