Team reports/ Mentor reports:

Elefant Racing e.V., Universität Bayreuth (electric): „A dream will come to reality.”

"In Formula Student you learn exactly what is important later on in your job. The experiences made in Formula Student are worth a lot. Both the practical experience in one's own area of application, as well as across teams and socially. That a computer scientist has a profound understanding of electronic circuits is one of these priceless experiences. Thank you Formula Student and all who make all this possible!”

DART Racing, TU Darmstadt (driverless): "Some sleep 8 hours in one night; we sleep one hour in 8 nights".

"The FSG is tough; you stand in the pit from 6:00 in the morning until 12:00 at night to get the maximum out of your racing car. You prepare for months to get the most points in the statics. You are eagerly looking forward to seeing your own racing car compete in the dynamic disciplines. However, that's not all, because the teams at the FSG are also all one big community. You don't celebrate alone, but together. You are not only happy about your own successes, but also about those of others and most importantly: we don't work against each other, but together - together so that every team can show what it has achieved in the last year.”

KA-RaceIng, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (driverless): "At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology we develop 2 prototype race cars for the Formula Student with 70 students every year.”

"You immerse yourself in the world of Formula Student with the motivation to build your own racing car. Before you know it, a team of motivated students who give everything for the project surrounds you. You sink into your own Formula Student world and feel an enormous hunger for knowledge and the urge to develop your vehicle further and further in order to be on the podium at the end. You experience ups and downs all year round and face problems you never thought you could solve. The best feeling is when you drive at events all over Europe in the summer and suddenly realize that your passion is also in students and companies from all over the world. As rivals on the track and best friends on the campsite, you look back on the year together and can't quite believe how quickly the season is over again.”

KaRaT Racing Team TU Kaiserlautern (electric): „A large part of the team that built the e19 together - the winner of the first Skidpad podium for KaRaT.”

"Nowhere else can you learn teamwork and practical work as in a success-oriented Formula Student Team - the effort pays off. The individual commitment to a common vision gives each individual the opportunity to realize his or her own potential and to gain unforgettable experiences. The highlight is always the event season, in which you run a small racing team and present the hard work.

The extensive scope for decision-making in the conceptual, organizational and financial framework and the numerous external relationships provide us as team leaders with a gain in experience that is extremely valuable in complementing our studies and provides the perfect preparation for our professional future."

Einstein Motorsport, Ulm University of Applied Sciences (combustion): "Formula Student Germany offers us students the opportunity to gain practical experience during our studies and to build up contacts with our future employers.”

"Formula Student Germany is the highlight of every season for us. You measure yourself against the best teams in the world and can finally show what you have spent the countless hours in front of the computer or in the workshop for. You make friends for life and are constantly exchanging new ideas and solutions. We can't wait to be back at the Hockenheimring in 2021.”

Intensive participation in a Formula Student Team at a university or university of applied sciences strengthens personal development like no other project during academic education. In addition to numerous professional and technical skills, the so-called soft skills such as project management, team organization, communication skills and assertiveness can also be developed during the team membership. These form a stable foundation for quick survival and continuous performance in later professional life. Even if a season includes numerous setbacks as well as highlights, Formula Student is a good opportunity to learn how important motivation, teamwork and a common goal are for long-term success.

Robert Weingart - Test engineer for electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz AG

Being a member of the first driverless Formula Student team was a unique opportunity to learn a lot and gain great experience. Now I am happy to support the teams from the other side.

András Tüzkö - Machine Learning Engineer, Mercedes-Benz AG

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