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When Nelli Löwen started working in her new job, even she wasn’t sure what she was getting herself into. “Is it only about furniture? That’s probably what many people would initially expect. But of course that’s not the case!” she says. Löwen is responsible for the development and design of innovative all-round workplace concepts at Daimler. And that includes much more than desks, office chairs, and coffee machines. “This is a very intriguing and extremely emotional topic,” she says. That’s because many employees are very reluctant to change their habits and their familiar work environment, such as their individual desks.

However, the transformation of work processes and work culture through digitalization is also bringing with it a transformation of the work environment. In cooperation with external consultants and research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute, Löwen and her team are working on a new concept for the work environment at Daimler. Of course experiences and ideas from young companies and start-ups are also being added to the mix. This concept, which is called me@work, divides office spaces into several zones. The goal is to provide every employee with the right work area for every activity at any time. The team aims to optimally support employees and their work by creating “marketplaces” for networking, areas for creative and innovative work, and quiet spaces where individuals can retreat. Löwen, who is now 34, appreciates the fact that her profession enables her to work together with other people. “Sharing ideas with others, persuading them of the positive aspects of your ideas, and also learning from them is sometimes a real challenge, but it’s also incredibly enjoyable,” she says.

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