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At Daimler, CASE stands for Connectivity (networking), Autonomous (autonomous driving), Shared & Services (flexible usage) and Electric (electric mobility).The aim is to intelligently link all four fields in order to make mobility intuitive. Jörg Trienenjost and Matthias Markowitz, who both work in the Digital Mobility Solutions department at Daimler Mobility Services GmbH, report on what they do and why the topic is so important for the future.

Jörg Trienenjost joined Daimler in 2016 and is now leading the team responsible for Portfolio Integration.

Hello, please introduce yourselves briefly to our readers.

Jörg: My name is Jörg Trienenjost and I joined the Daimler Group in 2016. I trained as an electrical engineer, after which I studied for a degree in Business Administration. I have been working for Daimler Mobility Services GmbH, a subsidiary of Daimler Mobility AG, since April 2017, and I am in charge of the "Portfolio Integration" team. This means that we integrate our mobility products and services into other ecosystems within the group.

Matthias: My name is Matthias Markowitz and I studied Industrial Engineering at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Within the Portfolio Integration team, my responsibilities include incorporating our mobility services into the CASE environment. Before joining the team I worked for Daimler in project management for car2go (now called SHARE NOW), and as a Scrum Master at Daimler Financial Services.

With Shared Mobility, you could say that you are working on the "S" of CASE. What are your core duties?

Jörg: We support the creation and development of shared mobility services such as ride hailing, car sharing, multi-modal aggregation platforms, and Park & Charge. The aim is to compete at a global level, and to be able to provide our customers a comprehensive solution and the best possible mobility service.

Matthias: We therefore look at how we can support CASE topics with existing products or also new services, and expand our portfolio of products.

Matthias Markowitz is proud to work in Portfolio Integration at Daimler Mobility Services.

What exactly is the difference between car sharing, multi-modal platforms, ride sharing and ride hailing?

Jörg: In the case of car sharing, multiple users share a car in an available vehicle fleet. These can be reserved, used and parked within the relevant area of operation. With ride hailing, you ride with a booked driver (e.g. FREE NOW). When multiple users embark on a journey with different starting points and destinations (as with SSB Flex, for example), that is called ride sharing. Anyone who would like to use different modes of transport can use the newly merged, multi-modal platform of REACH NOW (formerly moovel), which offers you the fastest and most efficient route. It is also possible to book the tickets at the same time.

What does Daimler offer in this respect, and how is it received by customers?

Jörg: With SHARE NOW (formerly car2go), we are the world's leading provider of flexible car sharing. We counted more than one million new customers since the start of 2019.

We use REACH NOW to bundle our mobility services on a multi-modal platform, offer customers options such as car sharing, bus, rail or city bikes, and show them the best way to get from A to B.

FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi) offers customers taxi and chauffeur services. Last year, the app enabled almost 300 million rides in 18 countries!

How can these projects be linked up with the other three pillars of CASE?

Matthias: The Mercedes me brand plays a key role in the field of networking (Connectivity), for example. The customers have access to a comprehensive and personalized range of services via the app, website or directly in their cars. In the future, for example, the search for a parking space will be simplified thanks to "community-based parking". Vehicles use sensors to identify empty parking spaces, and then transmit the data to other Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the area.

With respect to the electrification (Electric) of the drive train, Mercedes-Benz is following a holistic approach and developing the EQ brand with a holistic ecosystem that includes a comprehensive electromobility offering in addition to the automobile itself.

In the field of autonomous mobility (Autonomous) there will be a pilot project in California, USA at the end of this year. Our Mobility colleagues are working closely with the technical engineers at Daimler, who are providing the hardware. Our teams are testing and developing the necessary services.

The CASE strategy is the framework for all activities at the Digital Mobility Solutions department.

Why is shared mobility so important?

Jörg: The population density of metropolises is set to keep increasing the years ahead. We will then need the right mobility solutions for these urban spaces.

Many companies are already working toward this, and here at Daimler we are also setting ourselves up as a comprehensive mobility service provider. This is also one of the reasons for the mobility joint venture with the BMW Group. We bundle our mobility solutions so that they are consistently available to customers. No matter when or where in the world.

Why did you decide to work for Daimler?

Matthias: I am impressed by how many topics the group is already dealing with, some of which no longer have anything to do with the vehicle itself. Daimler works in a highly strategic and forward-looking manner. The key words are "artificial intelligence" and "advanced analytics". Trends are identified at an early stage, and we think outside the box. I love this mindset.

What profiles are you looking for in your unit?

Jörg: There is no typical profile for our unit. We have a high degree of complexity and our work is highly advanced, independent and proactive. Suitable applicants include business developers, product owners, project managers or developers, as well as people who would like to work as part of a Scrum or with agile working methods.

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