Thinking out of the box Financial Business Developer

A changing company – The route from a classic automotive manufacturer to a mobility service provider provides ideal conditions for a Financial Business Developer. The task: to conceive new business models and develop innovative answers to strategic questions. Always from a financial standpoint, of course. Ibrahim Yazgan, 23 years old, gives insights into his work routine.

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Yazgan: My cooperative study program, which I started in 2014, introduced me to several divisions, functions, and countries at Daimler, leading to my current job as a Financial Business Developer. I now work in Best Finance for Mercedes-Benz Cars – in the Future Finance and Business Solutions unit. But I got my first 'taste' of Daimler many years ago during a student internship and later during a vacation job in the axle assembly department at the Untertürkheim plant. I do weight training and like traveling in my spare time.

You work as a Financial Business Developer in the Best Finance program at Daimler. What does this mean?

Best Finance is the global program with which we prepare the financial division for the internal and external challenges of the future. The focal points, alongside structural and cultural issues, are the use of forward-looking technologies like Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, and the further development of methods and processes – with a view toward digitalization here, too. Our work addresses these issues: At Future Finance and Business Solutions, we develop concepts for managing new business models and innovative solutions to strategic issues from a financial standpoint.

What do you like best about your role?

For me, the best thing is the opportunity to think outside the box, assume responsibility, and have lots of creative freedom. In our department, new arrivals go straight into the team and can play a full part right away. The great projects are only half of it – I simply enjoy working in a dynamic and motivated team. We give each other feedback openly and constructively, which greatly helps us all to improve ourselves.

Please tell us a bit more about your team and your work. How is the team composed? What is your work routine like?

The teams in Financial Business Development are deliberately multi-disciplinary and composed of business managers, IT experts, and engineers. There is just as much diversity when it comes to people's backgrounds: There's a bit of everything here – from experienced colleagues to trainees to students on cooperative study programs. The work routine varies a lot, depending on the projects we are working on at the time.
New teams form each time a new project starts. We adopt a rotation principle – sometimes we work in a team, sometimes in a classic project organization. Then there are projects that require co-creation and creativity, in which case we apply the SCRUM method and work in agile project groups.

What profiles are increasingly sought after in your unit?

We're looking for people who are curious about the innovations and changes in the mobility environment, who like to get involved in conceptually challenging topics, and who question the status quo. A certain digital affinity doesn't go amiss, either.

Why did you choose Daimler as your employer?

Daimler is a great company. Not just because it's a 'gateway to the world' with its global markets, production sites, and job opportunities. But also because it's a place where people from a wide range of backgrounds and origins work together on major topics. As a Financial Business Developer, I also find the current change afoot in the automotive industry particularly exciting.

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