David Hailey. Podcast #01.02

April 22, 2019 - What’s an incubator and why do we need one at Daimler? David Hailey, the Head of Personal Strategy at Lab 1886, explains to us what it means to work for a successful innovation lab and venture builder. Based in the heart of Berlin, Germany, David describes himself as a door picker in a club who needs to know which persons are the best fit for our startup-party. The Californian doesn’t only talk about his dream job, he even reveals his passion for technic and the FC Chelsea.

40 people sitting down with just laptops can bring out a billion. So that means, what you essentially have is the people should be the very top of every consideration for every company. And that’s where I come in. I’m basically the people person.

David Hailey, Head of Personal Strategy at Lab 1886

About David Hailey

David Hailey is Head of Personnel Strategy at the Daimler venture Lab 1886. Born in America, he completed his Bachelor of Law at Kingston University in London in 2008 and has lived in Berlin since 2013. This is where he has been responsible for finding the right talents for our Innovation Lab 1886 since May 2017. He likes comparing his job with that of a bouncer who is allowed to decide who is invited to the "Start-up Party". His passion is technology, and he is also a fan of FC Chelsea.

In talk with David Hailey: Sascha Pallenberg

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