Adi Ofek. Podcast #01.03

May 06, 2019 - Israel is known as the ultimate startup nation, and there is a startup for every 1400 inhabitants here. So it's no wonder Daimler has opened its Mercedes-Benz Tech Hub in Tel Aviv. CEO Adi Ofek talks about why it's the companies and not the job applicants who have to put in an application in Israel, why it's not the ideas that pose the greatest challenge, but implementing them, and why leading a team is a little like bringing up children. She also reveals why she loves being challenged by her team, why she is not afraid of mistakes and what the most exciting current tech trends are from her point of view.

Creating something from nothing is everything here. At the core of our culture we have a challenge and really finding the solution, the excitement around finding a solution for it, is really what makes us big or what drives us

Adi Ofek, CEO Mercedes-Benz Tech Hubs in Tel Aviv

About Adi Ofek

Adi Ofek is the CEO of our Mercedes-Benz Tech Hub in Tel Aviv. In April 2000 she joined Daimler as the first employee of Daimler Financial Services in Israel. In 2007 Adi then went to Singapore for six years, where she was Regional Credit Operations Director, and responsible for the Africa and Asia/Pacific regions. She spent three further years in South Korea as CEO of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Her passion is getting multinational teams to achieve top performance. Adi is also the mother of two children, Roy – 17 years old, and Maya, aged 12.

In talk with Adi Ofek : Jessica Abt

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