Clare Jones. Podcast #01.04

May 20, 2019 - Is it actually possible to change the world with just 3 words? And how does it feel to realize that this is exactly what you and your team did? Clare Jones isn’t only the CCO of What3Words, she’s an entrepreneur by heart and probably one of the most inspiring persons you’ve ever listened to. This enthusiasm and idealism to take on with some of the largest companies in the world. Questioning how they mapped our planet and keep on supporting a new way of how we navigate and define addresses. Confucius once said that the journey is the reward. During our podcast you will realize how rewarding it can be to listen to a woman that also defines how you get to your destination in the most efficient way.

Sometimes what3words is making sure your pizza is hot when it arrives, sometimes it's making sure you can drive to the right place and don't get lost, and sometimes it's using what3words somewhere in a disaster zone to deliver critical services after an earthquake for example.

Clare Jones , CCO of What3Words

About Clare Jones

Clare Jones is CCO of the Daimler venture What3Words, a navigation program that displays the world in a grid of 3x3 meters. Each of these squares is labelled with a combination of three words. This means that it is even possible to find places not allocated to a specific street. Travel and charity work are among this power woman's other passions: For seven years Clare Jones has been carrying out voluntary work at the non-profit organization SPIRES in the fight against poverty.

In talk with Clare Jones: Sascha Pallenberg

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