Leslie Kilgore. Podcast #01.05

June 03, 2019 - Have you ever asked yourself how the transport industry can change our world or even more, help to inspire future generations? Leslie Kilgore quit her job at a space agency to join Thomas Built Busses in High Point, North-Carolina. Why? Because her biggest dream was to see a world where every kid will be able to get to school in a safe way. As a Vice-President of Engineering she is able to have an impact on the community and even the educational system. Meet a woman who once worked on satellites shooting for the stars and now reaches out to build the safest and most modern school-buses.

This isn’t an industry that anybody can learn out of school. School buses are not taught anywhere. So this is a place where if you’ve grown up here you’ve got a different perspective and you know different things. You try to combine what expertise or information with those who have been around for a while.

Leslie Kilgore, Vice President of Engineering at Thomas Built Buses

About Leslie Kilgore

Leslie Kilgore is Vice President of Engineering at Thomas Built Buses in High Point, North Carolina. She is responsible for product development of the school buses: The design, the testing, the analysis. Innovations and technologies as well as supporting the production unit are also part of her daily work. Leslie previously worked in aerospace for a long time, but she came to the conclusion that satellites are great – but as soon as they are completed you never see them again! She definitely does not have this problem with school buses.

In talk with Leslie Kilgore: Sascha Pallenberg

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