Tim Höttges & Ola Källenius. Podcast #Special

Future of software, future of culture, future of the planet: When the CEOs of two of the biggest German companies meet up and chat for almost an hour, you can be sure that they will speak about all the topics the world of business is currently dealing with. In this special episode of HeadLights, Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges and Daimler CEO Ola Källenius discuss how we can keep our personal freedom without affecting our planet. Ola Källenius explains how Daimler wants to catch up with Tesla on the software side of their cars. And both of them discuss which new skills we need to transform the culture of traditional companies – so that they are ready for a world with open software and worldwide communities.

The road is not to reduce movement. You have to make movement co2-free and you have to make it ressource-neutral. Holisticly speaken it’s: make the machine emission-free. And there I say: may the best technology win.

Ola Källenius

About Ola Källenius

Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG.

About Tim Höttges

Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG.

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