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The CAReer program offers you the most attractive opportunities in every area of the company. Whatever your strengths and interests, CAReer will help you make the most of them.

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Daimler offers limitless opportunities worldwide. Where do your professional interests lie? What did you specialize in during your studies and placements? Select one of the following functional fields as your CAReer entry point – and begin a long-term career with Daimler.


The innovations of tomorrow require ideas today.

Here we get to the heart of our business – the automobile. Work with us to create the next generation of vehicles which will set new standards in comfort, safety and fuel consumption for many years to come. Design whole product lines from scratch. Implement preparatory simulation processes. Ensure design models come to fruition. Develop prototypes ... the list is endless. And so are the opportunities.

Key areas:

  • Engine and power train development
  • Full vehicle development (cars, commercial vehicles)
  • Optimization of the man-machine interface
  • Production and materials technology
  • Electrics/electronics and intelligent transport systems
  • Software and process technology
  • Energy management

If you have a degree in engineering, sound technical knowledge and practical work experience – and a real passion for cars – we'd love to see your application.

Thinking globally. Manufacturing globally.

Contribute to the manufacturing of the future. To ensure that our vehicles keep rolling off the assembly line, globally networked processes need to be synchronized across all locations. You can support the product development process, design and optimize manufacturing procedures, and plan facilities and equipment, all while taking account of technical and commercial considerations, including the manufacture of production equipment.

Key areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Production control
  • Logistics
  • Quality management
  • Technical services

If you have a strong degree in a technical discipline, technical knowledge and practical work experience, you'll find the challenges you're looking for in Manufacturing and Related Functions.

Even the best-looking car needs a driver.

You'll get the vehicles from the assembly line into our customers' garages. In an international environment, you'll use in-depth analysis of markets and customer expectations to develop the basic strategies underpinning the development of our superior products and trusted brands. You'll work on making our sales and service network fit for the future and on determining the strategic focus of key business processes. Never forgetting that customer satisfaction and market penetration are your top priorities.

Key areas:

  • Strategic marketing and product management
  • Sales
  • After sales
  • Managing and developing the sales network

If you have a strong degree in a business-related subject, practical experience of vehicle sales, and a passion for customer service and performance, we look forward to hearing from you.

With innovations, the sums have to add up.

You'll ensure that, at the end of the process, the figures add up and you'll help leverage procurement synergies. You'll work at the interface of our worldwide locations. With joined-up thinking and far-sighted planning, you'll help to make Daimler's procurement processes streamlined and unified, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted flow of materials. Because when all is said and done, our customers want tomorrow today.

Key areas:

  • Group procurement strategy
  • Centralized supplier management
  • Procurement processes, methodology and instruments

If you have a strong engineering or business-related degree and an international background, we can offer you exciting challenges in an area that suits your interests – moving us forward to a green and profitable future.

Make our customers' dreams come true.

For our international dealers and customers, you'll develop tailor-made financial services for the automotive industry on the basis of market analysis – from financing and leasing to insurance and fleet management. With your portfolio of skills, you'll be supporting sales activities and boosting customer loyalty.

Key areas:

  • Financial services
  • Insurance

If you have a strong degree in a business-related subject and a passion for financial services in the automotive industry, Daimler can offer you attractive international opportunities in a variety of functions and departments.

Where we make sure the numbers add up.

You'll work on complex decision-making processes and ensure our management teams get the key information they need to successfully run the business. You'll ensure that we achieve the specified operational targets for EBIT, value added and cash flow. Other challenges include setting targets for costs and the use of resources (manufacturing materials, manufacturing costs, etc.) within the plants as well as reviews to ensure their efficiency, monitoring the global distribution network, and determining and planning the price positions for our vehicles.

In Investor Relations and Treasury you and your colleagues will work together to advise the corporate management team on the financial position and performance of the company on the capital markets. You'll contribute to investment decisions, propose risk management measures and highlight potential for earnings.

Key areas:

  • Controlling
  • Investor Relations and Treasury
  • Mergers and Acquisitions/Corporate Real Estate
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Tax and Fiscal Matters

If you have a strong degree in a business-related subject, industrial engineering or financial mathematics, and are interested in the international world of finance, you can expect exciting challenges – both for your professional and personal horizons.

Sharing information is the lifeblood of business worldwide.

Maintaining, optimizing and expanding the IT infrastructure of a global company is more than just a job, it's a challenge. You'll help to integrate different processes and systems. You'll constantly be coming up with new ideas to maintain communication channels across the company and to raise the efficiency of the value chain.

But at Daimler, IT means more than just secure and competitive processes and systems in the company. It also covers IT applications and processes in our vehicles.

Key areas:

  • Applications, processes and future processes
  • Architecture and infrastructure
  • IT strategy management
  • Business process management
  • Project and program management
  • IT financial management
  • Skills management
  • Enterprise architecture management

If you have an excellent degree in computer science or industrial engineering with an IT focus, or commercial expertise and a passion for information processing, then international challenges – and international career development – await you.

We make cars for – and with – people.

You'll search out the brightest talents from all over the world – people who can help us shape the future of mobility. You'll devise appropriate procedures and initiatives to instill a passion for Daimler in all our prospective employees. In addition, you'll support our staff throughout their careers, organize training courses and qualification opportunities, and find ways to help employees achieve a work-life balance. We'll also set you tasks in the HR areas of planning, policies and remuneration.

Key areas:

  • Recruitment and HR marketing
  • HR planning and financial control
  • HR policies
  • HR consultancy
  • Staff and organizational development
  • Training and qualifications

If you are an outstanding graduate in a business discipline and have practical HR experience, we can offer you exciting career opportunities that give you scope to develop.

Innovation doesn't happen by itself.

Our support functions are vital in ensuring the success of the Daimler Group on a worldwide basis.

In Group Compliance you will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all the legislation, regulations and voluntary undertakings that apply to our business model, including the related internal guidelines and procedures for all Daimler activities.

Working with various media in our central Corporate Communications department, you will help manage and enhance the reputation of our company, its brands and its products.

In the Business Innovation department you will assist and support your colleagues in systematically seeking out growth opportunities in the company's current core business activities.

In the Legal department you will provide legal support and advice on all aspects of the Daimler Group's operations worldwide, mitigate risk, ensure compliance with legislation, and help guarantee the company's commercial success by proposing appropriate solutions.

As a Corporate Audit employee you will help the Board of Management to perform its monitoring and executive functions. You will check that procedures are fit for purpose and ensure that business processes are efficiently and effectively organized to enable the company to achieve an appropriate level of profitability.

Key areas:

  • Communication/marketing
  • Strategy
  • Legal
  • Group compliance
  • Corporate audit

If you are an outstanding graduate in a business or legal discipline and have practical experience in the key areas outlined, we can offer you exciting career opportunities that give you scope to develop.

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