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Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting is an integral part of one of the most successful automotive companies in the world. With a direct line to the Board of Management, we develop innovative business strategies for all divisions within the Daimler AG. Our main focus is the development of solutions aimed at sustainably strengthening the economic performance and further development of the company.

Innovator and Incubator

We understand the company like no one else and are therefore the first point of call for all strategic projects by Top Management within Mercedes-Benz.

We help to shape the future of the automobile industry, seek long-term solutions and provide new impulses. Our team is able to draw upon many years of consultancy experience acquired from a variety of specialist departments and a wide array of companies. That is why we are always on the lookout for talented people who strengthen our team and enhance our performance.

Partner and Mentor

How we see ourselves.

Our passion for the Mercedes-Benz brand and our willingness to innovate forges us and our clients into a strong team.

Together, we not only think in a target-oriented way, we think in new ways. This includes systematically questioning current structures and methods. We see ourselves as a partner and mentor to our clients, working together to develop viable solutions.

Within our team we support new and young consultants through training and mentoring programs, as well as on the job. We work together on exciting projects and on ourselves to further develop Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting as a successful team.

Importantly, this camaraderie does not disappear at the end of the work day, but is strengthened through group events, such as sailing or table football tournaments.

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