Daimler BKK Interview with Sylvia Herzig

What are our colleagues working on at Daimler BKK? What does the slogan “Service leben” (Service in practice) mean and what are the tasks of a customer center? These are just some of the questions we discussed with Sylvia Herzig.

When did you begin working at Daimler BKK?

Sylvia Herzig: I started working at Daimler BKK in 1994.

What do you do on a daily basis?

Sylvia Herzig: Together with three of my co-workers one of my tasks is taking care of issues for insured individuals in the region who cannot work. We support them during their illness and provide them with specially focused advice, for example by drawing their attention to regional treatment options. This individual type of support is what we call case management. We occasionally come across unfortunate cases in which the insured individual is suffering from a particularly critical illness. It isn't always easy for us to deal with either.

A welcome change from this comes in the form of campaigns at the plants in Düsseldorf and in the branch offices where we highlight current health topics and of course also try to win over employees so that they become members. It's really fun to work with employees on site.

As the representative of our team leader I am mainly the first point of contact for co-workers on my team regarding all sorts of specialized questions which range from problems in dealing with various IT systems, which result regularly from new generations being introduced, all the way to investigating and making decisions on the occasional claim for benefits that deviates from the everyday standard. Is it possible to make an individual decision for a specific case? – All of these issues make up a large portion of my daily work.

Are you able to plan your day? Or do customers determine how it goes?

Sylvia Herzig: Things never turn out the way you'd expect. Of course customers' concerns take priority, and they can definitely upset even the best-laid plans. But I can lay out a rough structure for my day, which can also be urgently necessary if deadlines are involved.

How is the work in your team organized?

Sylvia Herzig: My area of operation is customer service for the central region, which includes the customer centers of Düsseldorf and Kassel. But when I go on site it's almost exclusively at the Düsseldorf customer center. In Düsseldorf we offer a special service to employees who work the night shift: every Tuesday we're open for them from 5 am, and they gladly take advantage of this service.

How does cooperation between colleagues work?

Sylvia Herzig: For many topics Daimler BKK works on a project basis which gives individual employees a great deal of responsibility and flexibility to make their own decisions. I'm happy to work in these types of groups because I can exchange ideas with my BKK colleagues throughout Germany and gain a wider perspective. That way we're all able to benefit from the experiences of other BKK locations and stay in contact with each other.

"I think it's great that I have the opportunity to work on such a wide range of topics and can take an active part in designing and changing processes."

Sylvia Herzig

What's special about Daimler BKK?

Sylvia Herzig: For me there are several layers to this question. When I think about Daimler BKK as an employer, I'm struck by how extremely diverse my experience is here, both in my daily work and in my dealings with customers and their needs and concerns. I think it's great that I have the opportunity to work on such a wide range of topics and can take an active part in designing and changing processes. And of course I also think about Daimler BKK in regard to my health insurance: right when I started working here I became a member myself, and since then I've been very satisfied with the range of services.

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