User Interface Software Engineer Interview with Mithil Munshi

Why would an IT expert move from Sunnyvale, California to Sindelfingen, Germany? Mithil Munshi gives us insights into his life at Daimler, why he chose to move to Germany and what the daily business of a Software Engineer is like.

Dear Mr. Munshi, please introduce yourself briefly to the readers.

My name is Mithil Munshi. I received my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine in 2012. Currently, I work in Sindelfingen as an expat from Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America (MBRDNA) in Sunnyvale on the User Interface Software team.

Why did you choose Daimler as your employer? In your opinion, what makes Daimler an attractive employer for software engineers?

I’ve been obsessed with cars since I was 3, and I’ve always wanted to work for a car company. The history behind Mercedes-Benz, and the Daimler brand, is what initially drew me to apply here. Specifically, the CAReer program offered me a wonderful opportunity to travel and work throughout Daimler, allowing me to learn so much in the first year.

"For me, the impact of our software development is what makes this is an attractive job. I mean, getting to see cars on the road with software I wrote… what could be cooler? Additionally, Daimler offers engineers the ability to contribute in so many areas of software development"

-- you can always find something new and exciting to work on.

What was your previous experience at Daimler – starting from your first day in the company until today?

Initially, I joined Daimler Trucks North America as a CAReer Trainee in their Mechatronics Department. After my rotations, in Portland, Stuttgart, and Sunnyvale, I switched to MBRDNA to be closer to home and join an exciting new project. I worked at MBRDNA for 1.5 years as a User Interface (UI) Software Engineer before starting my expat assignment in Germany last February. I’ve been in Germany for 18 months now, and it’s been an amazing experience.

Please tell us a little more about your tasks and your team.

Currently, I am a UI Software Liaison. We have one UI Software team in Sunnyvale, and multiple teams here in Sindelfingen. The goal of our teams is to develop the next generation of COMAND software for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. My job, to put it simply, is representing my colleagues from Sunnyvale here in Germany, and carrying topics from Germany back to Sunnyvale. Additionally, the User Experience and Design teams are located here in Germany. My job is to work with them to make sure our software engineers have all the information they need to develop our COMAND systems and to make sure everything is pixel perfect.

Your previous position was based in Sunnyvale, California. What made you leave Sunnyvale and move to Sindelfingen?

For me, getting to live in Germany was a fascinating opportunity. I grew up in California for most of my life, and even attended college there too. On a personal level, it was a great opportunity to travel and see new places. I always dreamed of getting to live in Germany and work at a German car company. I just didn’t expect to get that opportunity at 24. On a professional level, we had worked hard in Sunnyvale to start our project, and it was an amazing opportunity to see it through to production vehicles. Being here in Sindelfingen is exciting; you feel like you are in the heart of the company and feel close to the products. Plus… telling people you commute to work on the Autobahn is not too bad either.

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