Career entry in a large group

Studying and working simultaneously in a large corporation like Daimler and also earning money? I think that sounds like the perfect deal for many young people to start their studies. When I was accepted to study dual mechatronics at Daimler, my decision was quickly made.

Find out here how an optimal start as a dual bachelor student at Daimler can be. I also want to explain to you in more detail why the dual mechatronics course at EvoBus in Mannheim was the best decision for me and what you can expect from it.

Does a mechatronics course at Daimler suit me?

Mechatronics, isn’t that something about mechanical engineering? This question was often asked me when friends or family asked me what I was actually studying. Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and business studies.

That covers many of my interests, and I don’t have to focus on just one of these courses of study from the very start. This diversity still fascinates me about my course of study, because mechatronic systems shape our lives.

Whether in the car, the washing machine or the power station, in all areas of our lives where mechanical elements are controlled by computer programs with the help of electrical engineering (e.g. cables), we find mechatronic systems. More and more systems that used to function purely mechanically or electromechanically have developed into mechatronic systems over time.

Later on I’d like to work on developing such systems myself through the use of this interdisciplinary knowledge. Studying mechatronics is the optimal way to prepare for such a career. In a car thousands of mechanical, electrical, and IT components work together, and the more you know about the individual segments of the system the better you can understand their interactions.

How does such a large group work?

As a high school graduate I had no idea about it at the beginning, but I can assure you that you will find your place. Of course it is not always easy for me to find my way around, but almost all my colleagues are very helpful and so you learn quickly how to work on tasks or get information.

What I’ve found is that in a company with so many employees, it’s important that everyone works closely together. Building a network here is very helpful, because cooperation with colleagues you already know usually works even better. And once you get used to it, such a large company offers you many advantages and opportunities if you are willing to accept challenges.

You might be wondering, what kind of benefits there are.

Starting a dual course of study at Daimler offers you an opportunity to get to know the work environment from the very start. Every phase of my practical experience takes place in a different unit. That way I gain new know-how every day. What is lean management? Where would I like to work later on? How do I independently conduct a project of my own? During this course of study you’ll find answers to all of these questions and many more, and all of them prepare you for the work you’ll be doing later on.

Furthermore, if you do a dual course of study at Daimler you’ll have a good salary and a good chance of permanent employment. One positive side effect is that here you sometimes get the opportunity to experience the Mercedes product range yourself — for example, if you drive a vehicle from the company fleet to an appointment outside the plant grounds. Where else do students have the opportunity to drive a brand-new Mercedes-Benz?

My personal highlights of my course of study include the field trips we’re allowed to make. The students from various Daimler locations go to development workshops where we team up to discuss topics such as corporate values, our future, and how to behave in the workplace and at the university. We’ve also visited other production plants, spent a day at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, and observed the production of AMG engines in Affalterbach.

Each practical phase in a different team

“In theory at the forefront, in practice unbeatable.” This motto of Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) always sounds a bit trite at first to outside observers. But for me personally, the practical phases of the course are an unbeatable advantage for finding out what area I would like to work in myself in the future. As a dual student I have the privilege of being able to complete each practice-oriented phase in a different team. I’ve already worked at the product projects unit (this is an interface between development and production), and in my second practice-oriented phase I helped optimize a process in production. The last time around, I was in a testing unit and I worked on a small project of my own. Here it was especially interesting to get to know the structure of the vehicles better, but that’s not all. Many of the vehicles there are prototypes that have not yet gone to the series production stage.

This enabled me to gain an insight into which technologies may be used in the future in order to shape the mobility of tomorrow. In my current practice-oriented phase I’m working in a team that develops drive control. What I like best about the frequent changes is that you meet many new people who are top-level experts in a wide variety of areas. That way you’re always learning new things as you go along. You can also get an insight into how a major company actually works and gather lots of experience that helps you discover and develop your own interests. A new practice-oriented phase, a new task, a new challenge — I look forward to these things every time!

Are you still looking for the course of study that’s right for you? If so, here you can find a list of courses of study that begin in 2020. Here you can also find comprehensive information about the dual course of study for a bachelor’s degree at Daimler. Apply!

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