Social insurance clerk

Safeguard our workforce. Process requests for services, decide between compulsory insurance and exemption from insurance, and provide advice and support to the insured in writing and in person.

On this traineeship (max. three years) you learn about the benefits offered by Daimler's company health insurance fund and are taught how to calculate lapse dates for all-risk and social insurance policies, to assess insurance levels and entitlement to benefits, and to advise customers on all aspects of social insurance. You also acquire knowledge of health insurance conditions for specific groups of people, such as students and pensioners. The benefits provided by other social insurers, e.g. accident insurance, form part of your training, as does the active support of marketing measures to inform existing scheme members and attract new ones.

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At these locations the apprenticeship is offered:

Thank you for expressing your interest in a vocational training and/or a dual study program in cooperation with Daimler AG. Our vocational traineeships and dual study programs are just as suited to women as men, and we also welcome applications from people with disabilities.

Structure of our commercial vocational training.
Our qualified instructors will train you directly from within our departments, covering all the basics of your chosen specialism. We support your personal and professional development with workshops and projects. In addition to the practical training, we provide seminars on subjects including communication, presentation and IT systems – theory that you will be able to put into practice in future.

At the end of your traineeship you will sit the final exam – the foundation block of your future career.

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