Technical model-maker

Help vehicle parts to take shape. Produce models for industrial production using casting techniques. And bring drawings and design data to life.

On this traineeship (max. three and a half years) you learn to work with plastic, wood and metal using hand tools and machinery, and computer-controlled processing and measuring machines such as CAD, CNC and CAQ. You also learn surface treatment techniques and the principles of model-making and shaping. The conversion of technical documents such as sketches, drawings and computer files into models and molds forms part of your training, as does the manufacture of workpieces in wood or metal using computer-controlled machine tools.

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At these locations the apprenticeship is offered:

Thank you for expressing your interest in a vocational training and/or a dual study program in cooperation with Daimler AG. Our vocational traineeships and dual study programs are just as suited to women as men, and we also welcome applications from people with disabilities.

Structure of technical vocational training
You will learn all the key principles of your chosen field in our training workshop and in projects, coming into contact with the latest technologies right from the very start. After the basic training, you will apply and build on what you have learned with placements in manufacturing, for instance, or in the service departments and working on diverse projects – the ideal combination of theory and practice.

Half-way through your traineeship you will take your intermediate exam/part 1 final exam. At the end of your traineeship is the final exam/part 2 final exam – and you are fully fledged in your chosen occupation.

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