Career and family Because work is important. But it's not everything.

Although you can achieve professional success at Daimler, personal success begins at home. But even when you're planning your personal life, Daimler will actively support you. And will help you achieve a work-life balance that won't leave your family feeling short-changed.

Here at Daimler, we are firmly convinced that the last thing you need is a conflict of interest between career and family. Female staff who are expecting a baby receive detailed information on their maternity and parental leave rights well before the birth.

After the birth, we offer parental and family leave, flexible working, and, at many sites, childcare. In this way we can not only make the return to work for new fathers and mothers much easier, but also increase the proportion of women in our workforce. It's a win-win.


Fathers and mothers can of course design their parental leave to suit them, as provided for by the German Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act (BEEG).

Over and above these statutory requirements, we allow parents to take additional family leave, and parents' return to work is actively prepared for. This is achieved through training and development initiatives as well as short-term projects and periods of deputization carried out during parental and/or family leave. So even while you're not at work, you can still keep your skills up to date.

At Daimler, we're well aware that finding a qualified child-minder is anything but child's play. So we've done something about it. Our Little Stars creches now offer several hundred childcare places at 13 sites across Germany. We work with qualified staff, nutritional guidelines to help promote healthy eating, and a childcare program developed especially for Daimler that focuses on bilingual development and encouraging interest in nature, technology, music, art, and movement. School holiday programs are provided as well.

We also have places reserved for staff use at various day nurseries, and the famPlus message relay service for childcare needs and emergencies.

Society is aging. At Daimler, as elsewhere, more and more people are finding they have to look after elderly dependents. It's a responsibility that we are aware of. With our company agreement that deals with caring for relatives at home, we provide our staff with personal, tailored support. This gives them the best possible opportunity to combine their work with the care not just of elderly relatives but of sick or disabled children.

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