Compensation and benefits We reward performance.

Work is about more than earning money. Daimler relies on the abilities and commitment of its people. That means focusing on what individuals want. And it's not always just money. So in addition to applying the same compensation policy, based on principles of transparency and fairness, at all our sites around the world, we also offer a range of benefits that make working here even more attractive and provide additional motivation for our staff. Which is good for us, and good for you.

Our principle is that performance deserves recognition. Your commitment will earn you the kind of salary and diverse benefits that you'd expect from a major company. At Daimler, equal performance is recognized with equal pay. Basic salary is calculated according to the employee's role and level. This avoids any potential discrimination. Salary levels are determined by the job description, performance, qualifications and experience of the person concerned. All compensation globally is calculated according to these standard parameters.

Then there is the wide range of often localized benefits, such as company pension arrangements or company health insurance scheme. And of course our employee car sales scheme, allowing you to acquire a Mercedes-Benz or smart car cheaply and hassle-free. So at Daimler you can find not just your dream job, but your dream car as well.


Wherever in the world you work for Daimler, you can rely on the fact that all the Group's companies pay the standard rates for the market and industry they operate in. This means that salary levels are determined by collective agreements. Where there are obligations arising from collective bargaining, the Daimler companies normally offer additional voluntary benefits. Employees of Daimler AG in Germany currently receive compensation that is substantially above the level agreed by collective bargaining.

In order to maintain our high compensation standards, we carry out regular spot checks to audit local compensation and benefit systems.

At Daimler, we take it as read that assuming more responsibility should be reflected in levels of pay. Managers' salaries comprise a fixed basic salary and a variable compensation element. The more responsibility a manager's position involves, the higher the variable compensation component. Once the Group's business performance has been taken into account, variable compensation is based on a goal agreement process that is standardized for all managers at a global level.

We offer a wide range of company benefits. Employees' regular monthly salary is therefore just a part of their total compensation package. A spectrum of additional company offers, including services tailored to different life stages, complete the package. A key element of the benefits program is the company pension, which in the current climate is becoming increasingly important.

It is a firm tradition at Daimler that we make a significant contribution to our employees' future with a company-financed pension scheme and other attractive provisions to help employees provide for their own retirement. The general criteria for the company pension schemes are detailed in a Group-wide policy. This means that, depending on their country and the Daimler company they work for, staff can look forward to an attractive company pension being paid in their old age, or in the event of their death or serious injury, and in addition to whatever statutory or private scheme payouts they are entitled to.

As the inventor of the motor car, we make sure our staff have access to our diverse range of vehicles on terms that are hard to beat. With tailored offers and the exclusive conditions offered by the Daimler employee car sales scheme, you can fulfill your dream of owning a Mercedes-Benz or smart car, cheaply and hassle-free.

From two-seaters to eight-seaters, from sports cars to off-road vehicles, from family cars to sports cars, the choice is yours. You can lease a new vehicle for a year or buy a new or nearly-new vehicle. Test drives and part exchanges make it easier for you to get the keys to your first Daimler car. The exclusive offers available on the scheme will delight not just you, but the whole family.

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