Health management - We support you. And your health.

If you are healthy, you get more out of life. And more out of your job. That is why prevention and health promotion are very important to us. In this area we offer numerous options, such as dietary counseling, Ergonomics, medical guidance, individualized exercise programs and much more.


The “SG Stern Deutschland” coordinates the sport organizations at Daimler plants and subsidiaries across Germany– and offers over 80 different kinds of sports. In addition, many locations have health-promotion courses like back muscle training, Yoga, or Pilates in their programs. In Stuttgart, there is even the Daimler Sport’s World: in the immediate vicinity of work and offering a wide variety of sports.

Our company medical services offer advice and help with preventative care, such as heart, circulation, or back problems. These medical specialists take care of emergency medical situations at Daimler locations across Germany. Before a business trip abroad, they also take care of the necessary examinations and vaccinations.

Daimler also offers various seminars on the topic of work-life balance, such as time and goal management, dealing with stress or social conflict, and professional orientation.

Our executives are specifically taught to recognize signs of personal crises—in their colleagues as well as in themselves. The first port of call is the social counseling services or the company medical services. If, due to medical reasons, employees are only fit to work in a limited capacity, the integration management steps in. And supports a successful reintegration.

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