Health management Supporting you and keeping you healthy.

The promotion of healthy living is extremely important to us. Because your health enables you to perform better at work and get more out of life.

Being healthy enables you to get more from life. And more from your work. That's why we take prevention and health promotion extremely seriously. Because when you're healthy, you benefit, and so do we.

Healthy and motivated staff enable us to retain our competitive edge. Daimler promotes healthy living in a variety of ways: by providing nutritional advice, ergonomics, medical assistance, personalized exercise packages, and much more.

Daimler's Health & Safety department is responsible for the promotion of healthy living. It coordinates various strands such as workplace safety, occupational health, and health education to create a coherent and integrated healthcare program. Which makes us all not just healthier, but more efficient.


Sport keeps you fit. That's why Daimler offers a wide range of sporting activities. An umbrella organization called SG Stern Deutschland brings together sports clubs at Daimler's German plants and sales & service outlets and offers over 80 different sporting activities.

Many sites offer additional programs such as back care, yoga and Pilates, and in Stuttgart, Daimler Sportwelt provides a wide range of sporting activities in direct proximity to the workplace.

If you have any questions regarding your health, you can get professional advice from Daimler's company medical service. This encourages employees to be more aware of health issues and helps them take preventive measures in areas such as cardiovascular health and back pain.

In case of emergency, company doctors are available at our sites in Germany as part of the company medical service. And if you are posted abroad, they will conduct the necessary examinations and immunizations.

A balanced life is a motivated life. Daimler offers various seminars on the theme of work-life balance. On time management and task management, for example, or dealing with stress or social conflict, or managing your career.

Our managers are specifically trained in spotting the signs of personal crisis, in their staff as much as in themselves. When problems arise, the first point of call is the counseling service or company medical service.

If for health reasons employees are only capable of performing certain tasks, then the disability management team is involved and works to ensure the employee concerned is successfully reintegrated into working life.

The Daimler BKK is the health insurance for everyone working at Daimler. And for their family members as well, of course. After all, it is convenient if the entire family is insured under one roof. The Daimler BKK is always close by. It maintains customer centers at all major Daimler locations in Germany. Service for the members is provided "from one colleague to another," because the Daimler BKK staff are also employees of the company. The BKK includes some healthy extras. For example, the 100 PRO AKTIV bonus program. People who live healthy, exercise and regularly get medical check-ups receive up to € 100 a year. More information at

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