Daimler Students Day 2018 Innovative Working in the Digital World!




You’re almost done with your high school graduation? Then it’s time to make new plans! If these plans include topics like digitization, innovation and mobility, studies in the German dual concept with Daimler would be perfect! At the #DSD18 in Stuttgart you’ll get all information.

“Innovation and digital working environments” – the slogan of the Daimler Students Day on May 18th 2018 in Stuttgart announces what the future’s about: Daimler designs the mobility of tomorrow and connects trends, technologies of the future and customer needs. This is brought along by each department’s digitization. That’s why we need you: digital natives, who are inventive, able to think outside the box and want to participate actively. With studies in the dual concept we offer the ideal start for your career.

On the #DSD18 we’ll present our technical and commercial programs of study with focus on digital contents for 2019!

Technical study programs:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science

Commercial study programs:

  • Business Administration-Digital Business Management
  • Business Information Systems/International Management for Business and Information Technology

If one of these programs of study fit your interests, apply now! Find all information on the tab ‘Your application Daimler Students Day 2018‘.

We are looking forward to your application!


  • We show how the program proceeds and provide information on development potentialities and future jobs.
  • You’ll get the answers: Ask students about their experiences, get into conversation with Daimler supervisors and representatives of the Cooperative State University of Baden-Wuerttemberg and get to know how practice and theory intertwine.
  • Be ingenious and develop creative ideas in a competition
  • Get on one of our latest cars and glance at our future technologies
  • Learn how we want to shape the future
  • Charge you batteries enjoying snacks and drinks during the breaks

Sounds exciting? Well then, apply for the Daimler Students Day 2018 right away!

Your application for the #DSD18 doesn’t take much time and will be done within a few steps:

  • First of all you can choose up to 3 different programs of study out of our 5 possibilities:
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Business Administration-Digital Business Management
    • Business Information Systems
    • International Management for Business and Information Technology

  • You made your choice? Click on “Jetzt bewerben” and fill in the online form. Together with your application documents (CV, your last two school reports or your high school diploma as a PDF file) you can send it off.
  • You want to apply for more than one program of study? Just repeat the whole process beginning with step one - your entered personal data will stay saved.

Important: The deadline for the application for the #DSD18 will be on April, 8th 2018.

Please note that there are following admission requirements:

Good to know: If you apply successfully for the #DSD18, you already have managed 2 out of 4 steps towards a place to study at Daimler. This means that the results of the online pretest will be relevant for an application for a place to study.

The application process for all programs of study will start at June, 1st 2018 at various locations all over Germany. Participants of #DSD18 also have to apply regularly for a place to study.

Any questions about the Daimler Students Day 2018 left? Just contact us:

For the application: susanne.lickert@daimler.com

For the organization:

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Business courses

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