Global work Work around the world. But always feel at home.

One of Daimler's greatest strengths is its international reach. We have a presence at 172 locations worldwide. So if you want an international dimension to your career, take advantage of our global dimension.

Working at Daimler means you have all the advantages of belonging to an international company. A global assignment is an enriching experience, professionally and personally. The possibilities are almost endless: various lengths of stay, various countries, and various business areas.

But one thing is certain: you'll never be left to cope on your own. We'll be by your side with internationally standardized procedures and guidelines, all directed by head office. We'll help you prepare for your assignment and support you and your family in your new country – by helping you find somewhere to live, for example, or schools for your children.

And at the end of your assignment, we'll help you resettle back into your former role and location. But if you'd prefer to stay in your home country, the roles on offer there will be no less exciting.


Our international dimension is apparent even at our German locations. It can be seen in the many international interfaces of our global organizational structure. In the regular contact we have with colleagues from other countries – by phone or video conference or during trips abroad. And in the international teams that are there to increase our expertise.

Daimler offers special recruitment programs with an international focus – e.g. with intercultural training and international groups of colleagues.

You can take on international assignments right at the start of your career with Daimler, whether as part of your professional training, a dual study program, our CAReer trainee scheme, or an international internship.

An international assignment in which you are employed under a local contract offers interesting opportunities – and attractive conditions. These assignments are separate from the opportunities offered by the Global Mobility Program. And they have the advantage of not tying you to an employment contract for a set period.

If you are interested in this type of assignment, the first step is to check the relevant companies' websites for vacant positions and then contact the local HR team.

Our global assignments are based on standardized international contracts. They are intended for people with specialist skills who are open to encountering new people, countries, and cultures and who have a good command of the new country's language (or at least of English).

The decision to apply for a global assignment is not to be taken lightly, as it will have profound effect on your life. Although of course Daimler will support you and your family before, during, and after your deployment abroad, offering assistance with intercultural and language preparation, finding somewhere to live and schools for your children, and helping you reintegrate into your former environment when the assignment is over.

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