Ambition and friendship Philipp Kling and Mark Beinschrodt want to be European cycle ball champions

Philipp Kling and Mark Beinschrodt have been friends since childhood - and both work at Daimler. Philipp is in the third year of his vehicle mechatronics apprenticeship. Mark finished his vehicle mechatronics apprenticeship and works in van development since early 2016. However, the two 20 year-olds share more than their friendship and professional interest: a passion for sport, more specifically for cycle ball.

How does one get involved in such an "unusual" sport? Philipp was born into it. His passion was fueled by the fact that his father used to play cycle ball when he was young. One day, Philipp simply took his friend Mark with him to the training. That's when they became a team.

This now is 14 years ago. Today, sport is a big part of their lives. They train on their bikes three days or ten and twelve hours a week, playing against other cycle ball teams, practicing techniques and drilling moves. Tuesdays and Thursdays they spend at the gym. And at the weekend there usually is a tournament during the season which runs from January to September. However, Philipp and Mark keep training as usual in the other months because the pair have set themselves an ambitious goal for 2017: They want to be the European cycle ball champions.

The pair also gets on well at a personal level, the two are convinced that this is the secret to working well as a team. Most of their friends are also cycle ball players or artistic cyclists, and so they often spend their free time together. This close connection means that they rarely have disagreements, and they push each other when the motivation ebbs.

There is no envy or resentment from their Daimler colleagues and friends because they know exactly how much work and time Mark and Philipp invest in their sport in order to be as successful as they are. In fact they are all happy for them when they are able to celebrate a success, and want to be kept up-to-date. Their friends and colleagues like to watch, cross their fingers and shout encouragement when they have the opportunity and the competitions, championships or league games are held nearby. With this level of support, there should not be anything stopping them from winning the title.

We are active in sports. It's not just in their jobs that our employees aspire to be the best.

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