Executive development Supporting and developing talent.

Leadership skills, ability and resolve are crucial for success and play a key role in keeping Daimler competitive. That is why the development of our executive managers is a top priority for us. And everyone benefits. Because those who receive the benefits of training then pass them on to their staff.

In a global economy that is complex, dynamic, and uncertain, we prepare our managers to meet these challenges head on. Through a globally integrated approach to managerial development, from future high-flyers all the way up to the Board of Management.

We work with the best business schools in Switzerland, the UK, the US and elsewhere. We offer a wide range of coaching services and create a personalized virtual study world for each employee as part of the Daimler Corporate Academy. Whether in Stuttgart, Beijing or Detroit, the global Daimler Managers' Network brings colleagues, experts, and senior managers together to learn from one another, exchange views, and network – for today and for the future.

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