Personal development More knowledge. More skills.

Lifelong learning is part of Daimler's corporate culture. In the face of the increasing and continually changing demands of the modern workplace, and the globalization of the employment market, personal development and training are a key factor in success. Our goal is to train our employees so that they can be deployed wherever they can bring the most benefit, to themselves as much as to us.

Specialist knowledge is one thing. But to really be successful, you need a broader set of skills. Our General Business Training program equips employees and managers with the basic skills they need.

Individual and yet Daimler-specific, on-site and during working hours, covering topics such as project management, giving presentations, time management, Excel, conflict management, moderation, and communication in groups. There are also driving events involving new products, and specialist courses (e.g. in IT consultancy) lasting several weeks.

Personal development opportunities such as these are available to employees at every stage of their career to help them achieve professional success.

In addition, all Daimler's recruitment programs, from dual study to CAReer, involve training courses for improving personal skills. So new recruits will have the business skills they need, right from the word go.

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