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New challenges call for new expertise. We offer individual specialist training for all employees in the form of training, workshops and expert forums, and the Daimler Academic Programs for professional study.

At Daimler, you'll be professionally challenged – and developed. Because in order to remain competitive, our employees' expertise must remain at the cutting edge. So at Daimler, you never stop learning. We provide knowledge about methods, processes and systems that satisfy the most ambitious of standards. And after just one year with us, you'll have the opportunity to benefit from company-sponsored study, either full time or while still working.


The Daimler Corporate Academy uses a worldwide network of best-in-class partners to help employees and managers keep their knowledge and skills at the cutting edge. The foundations of our program and course concepts have been developed at head office for Group-wide use and are designed to meet the highest standards of relevance and quality.

Here is just a small sample of the diverse and comprehensive courses on offer. For purchasing, for example, training is available in negotiation and purchasing law. For IT, the Daimler Corporate Academy offers training for all employees as well as specialist courses in subjects such as demand management and security management. For HR, there are courses on topics such as coaching, recruiting and labor policy. And for finance, subjects covered include accounting, treasury and financial control.

With the Daimler Academic Programs, we are making a long-term investment in our staff. Because our company can only grow when the knowledge of its managers and staff grows too. Daimler-sponsored study is available just one year after joining the company, regardless of age and at any stage of your professional development.

There are currently 40 courses to choose from, covering innovative subjects at established universities. The courses, which lead to a Bachelor's or Master's degree or other academic qualification, can be taken on a full-time basis or part-time while continuing to work.

Daimler assists study financially and with a structured support program. This includes training courses (e.g. on time management), student and alumni events, and dedicated contacts..

Once the course is completed, students will have widened not just their knowledge but their network. Sponsored study with the Daimler Academic Programs is an investment in the future – for our staff and for the Group as a whole.

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