Hello, my name is Beta

Since the end of July 2020, I have been supplementing the Daimler company website as a chatbot. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I answer your questions - and will become smarter day by day.

For the time being, I’m familiar with topics related to Investor Relations and Corporate Governance. I can also help you to find the right contact at Daimler.

In the long term, I will be able to do more

My goal is to better understand human language and give correct answers. This ability improves with each new dialog. That's why I'm called Beta*. My developers analyze what my conversation partners want to know most often and continuously add more answers. They also check whether I have interpreted and answered the questions correctly.

Speaking of analysis: What about data protection?

This topic is of great importance for Daimler: I do not collect user-related data. Nobody can see which person or device performed which interaction. Advertising is, of course, also excluded.

Ask me

Currently you will find me in the investors section. If you have become curious or have a question at this moment, I am waiting for the next conversation at the bottom right.

*Beta means that a product is not completely finished – a digital application never actually. Because "finished" would mean that I would no longer develop as a chatbot. Neither technically nor in terms of content. This would also mean that I could no longer adapt to the needs of the people who use me. These needs, however, are dear to my heart.

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