Happy Birthday, Dear Constitution!

On May 23, 2019 the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany is turning 70. To celebrate its birthday, the Head of the Daimler Legal Department, Thomas Laubert, and the Head of the Politics and External Affairs Department, Eckart von Klaeden, have written a greeting card.

Dear Constitution,

Next week is the day: on May 23, 2019 we are celebrating your 70th birthday. You are very special to us. You are the backbone of our constitutional law and you safeguard our basic democratic order. You are guarantor of freedom, of the rule of law and of security. You give us scope for personal, economic, social and political development. A remarkable achievement.

You arose from the ruins of the National Socialist dictatorship and the 2nd World War. You officially became law on May 23, 1949, and the three western zones of occupation formed a sovereign state. It was under your protection that the democratic success story of the Federal Republic of Germany began, with the German economic miracle, the return to the international community of nations and the foundation of the European Union. The reunification of Germany in 1989 was a major milestone on this democratic road to freedom. This also meant that you progressed from the provisional status, which took the division of Germany into account, and were officially elevated into a national constitution.

We at Daimler also have much to thank you for. Your commencement in 1949 was also the start of the economic resurgence in post-war Germany. The Mercedes-Benz brand soon picked up speed. In 1954 Daimler achieved a turnover of one billion German Marks for the first time. The brand became a symbol of Germany's economic miracle. Demand from export markets also increased rapidly. Daimler expanded successfully, and became a global corporation.

There is no doubt: you structure our society, you provide us with security and you are also a dependable compass in times of uncertainty – not only for the legal profession, but for the entire Federal Republic. And much more importantly, you provide the guarantee for the important basic rights of a liberal democracy.

You also have a decisive influence on the political arena. You organize our national institutions, clarify their relationships, thus creating a stable system of checks and balances. You are an essential part of our society. Especially for businesses, you provide outstanding conditions for creative ideas, economic growth and success. You protect intellectual and physical property, and you give people the opportunity to realize their visions.

While others of your age have long entered retirement, nowadays, we are in need of your premises more than ever. When looking around the world, we see that basic rights such as freedom of expression and a free press are not self-evident. This is why we as citizens are obligated to protect you. It is down to all of us to secure our constitutional principles for the next 70 years and well beyond.

Congratulations on your 70th birthday, dear Constitution!

Best wishes

Thomas Laubert und Eckart von Klaeden

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