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Is the electric car really the solution for mobility of the future? How many driver assistance systems can a person handle? What pushes a world-class triathlete to top performance? Let's talk Mercedes dives deep into the world of mobility – from sustainable drive train technologies and safety on the streets to artificial intelligence in cars. Host Sarah Yvonne Elsser talks to Mercedes-Benz experts and guests from the most diverse fields: from research and development to economy, marketing and sports. The first episode of Let's talk Mercedes is available on May 28, 2020. After that, a new episode will be released each month.

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Did you know it’s scientifically proven that you can’t feel scared if you’re singing? Such is the impact of sound and the emotions it triggers in us. In the latest episode of Let’s Talk Mercedes, the Mercedes-Benz podcast, show host Sarah Elsser meets two men whose passion for sound is central to their lives; Mercedes-Benz sound designer Thomas Küppers, and Felix Jaehn, superstar DJ, music producer and Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador.

Felix gives us an insight into his daily routine and reveals the creative journey his biggest songs made from humble bedroom beginnings to worldwide dance anthems. For Thomas, the creative process is different but no less important as he explains the challenges faced in developing a vehicle’s everyday sounds. Just think of the sound the indicator makes when you want to turn a corner; it’s familiar, and yet slightly different in each model. But how do you continue to engineer the perfect sound experience, when the growth in e-mobility means vehicles are quieter than ever?

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