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When will artificial intelligence take the wheel for us? What might car design look like in the year 2050? And what does luxury actually mean today? The Mercedes-Benz podcast, "Let's Talk Mercedes," is devoted to these and many other burning questions about the world of mobility. Now in its second season, host Yasmine Blair and her guests look behind the scenes and uncover different industry perspectives. Together with in-house experts and external thought leaders, the American discusses everything that moves – the mobile past, present and future – from innovative research and clever marketing to the driving of tomorrow.

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Of all the science-fiction clichés, brain-computer-interfaces – or BCIs – might be among the most fascinating. In recent years, neuroscientists have taken the first steps towards letting external devices and the human brain communicate. While medical applications are surely the focus of making use of BCIs, research has also started at Mercedes-Benz. After all, the future of driving offers some mind-blowing areas for the application of this futuristic technology. The good news is: This leap won’t involve a chip under your skin. On the contrary: Someday, BCIs could free your body from having to physically interact with your car – and make driving safer than ever before.

Until that time comes, Maxine Benz, Future Research expert at Mercedes-Benz, and Sid Kouider, neuroscientist and founder of NextMind, explain the fundamental technological hurdles that still need to be overcome – and why, with the right technical breakthroughs, mental symbiosis with your vehicle may not be decades away. In the latest episode of Let’s talk Mercedes – the Mercedes-Benz podcast – they talk with host Yasmine Blair about the technology’s different operating principles, its unique virtues for future mobility, and when we can expect to start our favorite podcast in the car simply with the power of our minds.

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