The S-Class autonomously leaves the assembly line Dieter Zetsche | 17th July 2017

I am happy to share that the first units of our all-new 2017 S-Class sedans have been assembled in our plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. And shortly after coming to life, one of our flagships was already pushing boundaries in driver assistance and automated driving: For the first time ever an S-Class self-drove off the assembly line. In a pilot test, it then drove itself about 1.5 kilometers to its on-premise parking lot without a human supervisor behind the wheel.

Watch this short video to see more:

This experiment also showcases that the digitalization of our entire production process is making good progress. We are even checking out new ways to use a car’s assistant systems – before they are handed over to customers - as an integral part of the assembly process.

It also underlines that we see opportunities to use artificial intelligence to efficiently support our employees so they can focus on the more productive and challenging tasks.

With this successful experiment, the new Mercedes S-Class once again reinforces its role as the benchmark in automotive safety, comfort, intelligence and innovation. And with its built-in driver assistance systems this S-Class takes yet another huge step toward autonomous driving.

Kudos to the entire S-Class team for making this new vehicle a reality!

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