What I learned at SXSW about AI, blockchains and most of all: spirit Dieter Zetsche | 16th June 2017

Earlier this year I paid my very first visit to the South by Southwest® festival (SXSW®) in Austin. I have to admit: Now I know why so many people kept telling me “go there, it’s awesome!”

Here are two of my personal highlights:

I had the chance to take NVIDIA-CEO Jen-Hsun Huang for a ride around Austin to talk about Artificial Intelligence, blockchains and self-driving cars.

And my friend and colleague Guy Kawasaki who is a longtime SXSW institution, was kind enough to show me around the festival.

Oh, and I even got myself a new hat and some new boots that Guy talked me into …

Yet the best souvenir I brought home was a connection to the special “SXSW spirit”. My time in Texas was packed with interesting discussions and fascinating insights, touching on all the topics that are going to drive our business and our society in the future. That really was some excellent food for thought.

“me convention” this fall in Frankfurt

That’s why I am excited that we are collaborating with the SXSW team to set up three days of “me convention” in Frankfurt this fall as a new part of our presence at the Frankfurt International Auto Show.

We are the inventor of the car. But what’s more important these days is the re-invention of the car. And we are making a great effort to try new approaches, doing things differently and exploring new ideas.

For that reason, we are also re-thinking auto shows this year, adding our “me convention” as an opportunity to attract more new ideas, new perspectives and, most importantly, new people. We will have a broad lineup of speakers and experts from all walks of life leading our workshops and discussions. And, of course, there will be parties and concerts all over Frankfurt, too.

Fuel consumption combined: 6.7 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 151g/km.*

I am really looking forward to recreating some of the SXSW spirit in Frankfurt this year. And I want to thank SXSW for joining us – for the first time ever outside of Austin. So, if you’re interested: be part of it – you don’t even have to wear cowboy boots. I hope to see many of you guys there!

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