The BPO Whistleblower System

The Business Practices Office (BPO) receives reports of rule breaches. It is an important element of good corporate governance.

Compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations is a top priority for Daimler. Only when rules and standards are complied with can we avoid causing damage to our company, our staff and our business partners. Misconduct must therefore be identified early. In order to investigate severe breaches in a fair and appropriate manner, we set up a whistleblower system in 2006. Employees of the Daimler Group and external parties can use this to report indications of severe breaches of laws or internal regulations. Different country-specific local legal requirements must be considered when using the whistleblower system BPO. Where permitted by the local laws, anonymous reports are also possible. The Business Practices Office (BPO) receives reports of severe breaches which can lead to major damage to the company. This includes, for example, bribery, breaches of antitrust law and violations of accounting regulations. When processing the reports, the BPO ensures complete confidentiality. Furthermore, our whistleblower system places great importance on fairness – in dealing with both the whistleblowers and those affected by an accusation.

If you have concrete indications of severe breaches of the law or regulations in connection with the Daimler Group, you can contact the BPO via the following contact details.

Business Practices Office contact details

Daimler AG
Business Practices Office (BPO)
HPC 0655
70546 Stuttgart

BPO reporting form

You may use the reporting form to report suspicions of a severe violation – if desired anonymous – to the Business Practices Office (BPO).
Open BPO reporting form

Free external Hotlines

In Brazil, South Africa and the USA, a hotline is also available (telephone number is free of charge).

If your country is not listed here, please contact the BPO by e-mail ( or the BPO Reporting Form.

BPO Hotlines

Available from Monday to Friday 09 am – 07 pm

Country Hotline
Brazil 0800 033 3391
South Africa 0800 983 994
USA East Coast (Washington, D.C.): 877 482 5899
West Coast (San Francisco): 866 267 4360

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