Sibylle Wankel

Frankfurt. Supervisory Board of Daimler AG – Employee Representative. Member of the Legal Affairs Committee. First Authorized Representative of the German Metalworkers’ Union (IG Metall), Munich.

Elected until: 2023. First elected: 2016. Nationality: German.
Sibylle Wankel

Sibylle Wankel, born on March 3, 1964 in Wuppertal (Germany), completed her law studies at the University of Berlin and the University of Freiburg. She worked as an attorney specializing in labor and social law in Hamburg. She has been active in trade unions since 1991. Since 1997, she has worked for IG Metall as an attorney and was responsible for collective bargaining in Bavaria before becoming General Counsel of the IG Metall Board of Management in May 2016. Since January 2021 Sibylle Wankel is Chief Authorized Representative of IG Metall in Munich.

She was active as employee representative in various supervisory boards, e.g. at Audi AG and Siemens AG.

Sibylle Wankel has been an honorary judge at the Federal Labour Court since 2003.

Sibylle Wankel is a member of the following other legally mandatory supervisory boards and comparable supervisory bodies:

  • Mercedes-Benz AG (group mandate)

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