EUGT-studies: Statement of Daimler AG

Update (January 31, 2018)

Several media have reported on trials conducted by the Europäische Forschungsvereinigung für Umwelt und Gesundheit im Transportsektor (European Research Association for the Environment and Health in the Transport Sector — EUGT). Daimler’s position is as follows:

  • The EUGT's approach contradicts our values and ethical principles.
  • We expressly distance ourselves from the studies and the EUGT.
  • We are appalled by the nature and implementation of the studies and their implementation.
  • We condemn the experiments in the strongest terms.
  • Even though Daimler did not have influence on the study’s design, we have launched a comprehensive investigation into the matter. An external law firm will assist us with this.
  • The Board of Management of Daimler AG has decided to suspend the Daimler employee, who was a member of the board of EUGT.
  • The suspension takes immediate effect.
  • We will fully investigate the facts, and make sure that such things do not happen again.

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