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Change is in our genes; it is the only constant in our life. At Daimler, we see it as an opportunity to actively shape the future. Ever since the days of our founding fathers, we have been leading the way and face new challenges with intelligent solutions and innovations. Our new corporate film shows how we already planning tomorrow with curiosity and pioneering spirit today.

smart fortwo electric drive: combined CO₂ emissions: 0 g/km; power consumption weighted: 12.9 kWh/100km.*

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The Maybach 6 makes us very proud. Today, you no longer design this kind of car on your own. Our processes are very complex so you need a big team of highly qualified designers, engineers and modelers.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van

The Vision Van is simply an impressive vehicle and a great symbol of Daimler´s pioneering spirit. We are demonstrating what will by possible. We have the opportunity to help shaping the transportation of the future.
We look at how customers can best get from A to B. On a daily basis we work to ensure that the app finds the best route. There are no defined solutions, we have to find them. What happens, for example, if there is a traffic jam, what alternatives do we have then?

moovel – our mobility app

One of our answers to the question about emission-free urban mobility

It is always a very special moment when for the first time you sit in the car you have developed on paper for so long. Actually driving it – that is a real light bulb moment.
Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics are becoming increasingly important. The better they are, the lower consumption and CO2 output are. And the quieter the vehicles become, the more comfort we can offer the customers.

The aeroacoustics wind tunnel

Leadership 2020

Not knowing which management level my counterpart in appointments and meetings belongs to is unimaginable for many in the Group. For us at Leadership 2020 it is already reality today. Things are moving, you can sense that!
I can imagine that in ten or twenty years a small autonomous bus might pick us up at home and take us to an assembly point to transfer to a big autonomous bus – local public transport that responds to my needs.

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus

Fuso eCanter

For many people in Europe Fuso is still a blank page, but in Asia everyone knows it. For me it's a great challenge to spread the brand in Europe.
We think creatively about how we want to digitally plan and simulate our vehicles in the future. Computer games technology, for example, can also help us this in regard.

Digital factory

Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck

There has never been anything like the MirrorCams on the Urban eTruck. Bringing a new technology from development to production maturity is something very exciting.
At the crash test facility you can't refer to our work as day-to-day business. It's lots of different projects and model series with many different technical features. It's a new challenge every day.

Safety first

Mercedes me connect

I think that someday cars will be so intelligent that they won't just detect my glances and gestures, but also my thoughts. They will adjust even more to us human beings and the driving experience will be even more individual.
Every test is very special for us. Of course, we want to simulate more and more realistically. My dream would be a driving simulator like on a Holo deck on Spaceship Enterprise.

Driving simulation center

Daimler Financial Services

The corporate culture has changed a lot in the last decade. Today it is much more important that people enjoy their work and have an open culture. It really has become a "Great Place to Work".

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