Reflections of spring Mercedes-Benz at the 87th Geneva Motor Show


The media like to draw on the image of the automotive spring when auto industry players big and small every March meet at Geneva. This metaphor had been showing signs of wear and tear in recent years, and tended to induce springtime lethargy in people more than anything else. Those days are over: An entire industry is in the process of re-inventing itself and completely changing its ways. New technologies and mobility concepts everywhere – a spring awakening! Daimler has pooled the future topics in a strategic unit called CASE, which stands for Connectivity, Autonomous driving, Shared & Services, and Electric Drive. The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept show car on display in Geneva shows how exciting all of this can look. The four-door coupé with hybrid drive offers a view of the alternative drive concepts AMG is designing. And, at the same time, it announces the continued expansion of the AMG GT family. Spring fever is rife in the automotive world!

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