High tech in the deep snow The Unimog U 430 clearing snow


Half a meter of fresh snow within the space of just a few hours is anything but a rarity in the Alps during winters like this one. Cars are no longer able to pass. But not the Unimog U 430. This is where it is in its element. Thanks to its all-wheel steering, the front and rear wheels can drive in exactly the same tracks; for example, when the Unimog has cut a curved path through deep snow and must then back up in its previous tracks. "Electronic Quick Reverse" allows the driver to very swiftly switch between forward and reverse gears. Clearing car parks, where it is necessary to frequently drive back and forth, is much quicker with this technology. Finally, the hydraulic snow plough relief ensures that a part of the snow plough's weight can be transferred to the front axle. This increases traction, reduces wear on the snow plough's blade, protects the road surface and also reduces noise. All this ensures that you arrive safely this winter.

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