Our strategy

We have been moving people and goods for more than 130 years. Building outstanding, fascinating vehicles is what we do best, and by doing so we inspire our customers, both today and tomorrow.

The world is changing rapidly. Sustainability, and protecting the environment and climate, are some of the most urgent challenges we face. We are taking on these challenges. With our actions, we want to set standards for sustainable mobility in the future.

We are convinced that personal mobility will remain a fundamental need. We assume that the market for sustainable luxury in the automotive sector will continue to grow. The transportation of people and goods will also remain a cornerstone of our economy. We expect this demand to continue growing around the world. We see additional opportunities for growth and profit in the fields of financial services, fleet management and digital, networked mobility solutions.

As part of our sustainable business strategy, we want

  • To make mobility and goods transportation more sustainable, with a clear commitment to CO₂ neutrality
  • To grow in our core business
  • To focus even more on the experience for the customer
  • To implement electric driving in all divisions as a priority
  • To promote automated and autonomous driving and mobility services with a focus on the benefit to the customer and profitability
  • To exploit the significant potential of digitization
  • To support this transformation with an agile culture that is practiced by the employees and increases our pace of innovation

The focus of all of these activities is on improving our financial strength. Because that is the foundation of our sustainable business strategy.

Our Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans, Daimler Trucks & Buses and Daimler Mobility divisions each lay their own basis for profitable growth, competitiveness and sustainability in their segments.

Our road map to the future can be summarized in three strategic statements:

MOVE - Reinvent the invention

As the inventors of the automobile, it is of course in our nature to keep re-inventing ourselves. Our focus in doing so is always on our customers and their needs and preferences. Our ambition is to offer sustainable solutions for the future of mobility and goods transportation. We want to inspire emotionally and convince rationally. In the passenger car business, our goal is to strike a balance between sustainability and modern luxury. We want to make our customers successful in their transportation business with innovative, highly efficient commercial vehicles.

We are consistently implementing our Ambition 2039 for CO₂-neutral mobility. For us, sustainability is integral to our business strategy.

PERFORM - We create sustainable value

We want to create value with fascinating vehicles that inspire our customers. The focus is on achieving our goals for returns and a solid cash flow. We want to work with partners to develop new technologies and share development costs. We want to continue our profitable growth, and to build on our leading position in all business segments around the world.

TRANSFORM - Reinvent ourselves

Transformation is a long-term process of adjustment, which we will shape together with our employees. With an agile team that is willing to learn, we are developing the necessary skills to deal with these new challenges. Our corporate culture creates the basis for the outstanding innovative ability of our employees. We practice diversity. Integrity is our inner compass. It guides our actions and our relationships with business partners.

With our sustainable business strategy, we are shaping the transformation of the automotive industry from a leading position – in a manner that is customer-focused, sustainable, innovative and commercially successful.

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