Our strategy.

Mobility will change fundamentally in the future. Our vehicles will be increasingly connected, electric and autonomous. At the same time sharing of cars will become more important.

To shape this change from a leading position, we will strengthen our global core business further as a basis for the successful implementation of new business models centred around the CASE topics. At Daimler, CASE stands for the four major trends connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric drive systems (Electric). Each of these topics has the potential to turn our industry upside down. However, the real revolution lies in combining them. That is what we are working on.

By 2022 Mercedes-Benz will offer at least one electric model in each model series.

Our claim is set: As the inventor of the automobile, we strive to be a leader in its re-invention as well. That is why we are also refining our corporate culture to become even faster, more flexible and more innovative.

Our actions are therefore based on three strategic pillars. We want:

1. To grow profitably worldwide in our core business.

2. To lead with our vehicles and business models centred around the CASE topics.

3. To reflect the variety, agility and requirements of our business environment with our corporate culture.

1. Worldwide profitable growth in our core business

Our profitability in our current core business is the foundation for our investment in the future. We will continue our global growth in all vehicle segments and in all services. The Asian region - and especially China - plays a central role particularly for our car business.

Thanks to our strong global network, we are able to respond flexibly to changing market conditions and customer wishes. We will continue to expand our R&D, services and production activities worldwide.

We have highly efficient combustion engines in our portfolio. At the same time our electric offensive is increasingly gathering momentum in all vehicle sectors.

2. CASE in all business areas

Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric (CASE): we want to be the leader in every single field, and create additional potentials by linking the four fields. In the next few years, we will invest 10 billion euros in the expansion of our electric models at Mercedes-Benz Cars alone, and launch more than 10 new electric vehicles by 2022. We are the first manufacturer to produce an electric truck in series. An electric bus and transporter will enter the market in 2018. Our Van division is developing from a vehicle manufacturer into a provider of integrated logistics solutions. We are also continuously driving digitisation and connectivity forward at Daimler Trucks. With Fleetboard we are pioneers in seamlessly connecting the driver, the operator and the order delivery. Daimler Financial Services will further expand its market leadership in innovative mobility services.

3. Cultural change as a framework

Together with the employees, we are developing a new management culture under the roof of Leadership 2020. We want to become even faster, more agile and more innovative in the future. In doing so we are setting up for the requirements of the digital world:

- new technologies require different skills and shorter innovation cycles,

- new competitors require new formats to cooperate,

- and a new generation of employees requires more flexible working and collaboration models.

This is why we are for instance developing new working models, strengthening our feedback culture, breaking down hierarchies and creating team-oriented remuneration systems. We are also providing more freedom to pursue new ideas and new business models, for example with the initiative STARTUP AUTOBAHN, a Daimler-initiated platform for cooperation between start-ups and industrial companies.

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